Marta Costa

Marta was born in Barcelona. When she was a child she never played with dolls, her favourite toys were coloured pencils and a little kitchen. Today her interest for cooking has decreased but she draws a lot! She studied Graphic Design and worked as a Graphic designer for 18 years. During all these years, she discovered that her real vocation was illustration and, in 2005, she started-up her own company illustrating children’s t-shirts. She did a Masters in EINA School of Barcelona, and learnt as many illustration techniques as she could. Since 2007 she has worked as a freelance illustrator for most publishing companies in Spain, US and the UK.  She sees herself as very lucky that she managed to turn her hobby into her job and hopes to continue drawing until she is lovely grandmother.

Illustrator of: Preposterous Rhinoceros

  • Location: Barcelona, Catalonia
  • Website: Link