Lou Treleaven

Lou has been writing since she could pick up a  pencil and spent her childhood making little books of stories and rhymes.  She is thrilled to be doing the same thing now and calling it her job!  She got the idea for Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip when the word ‘oojamaflip’ popped into her head, just like it did into Professor McQuark’s.  She loves writing in rhyme and will spend days searching for the right word, often muttering aloud to herself as she walks her dog.

Lou lives with her husband, teenage children, soppy dog and erratic cat.  She keeps a blog sharing resources and tips with aspiring authors, and also enjoys writing stage plays and musicals.

Author of: Professor McQuark & the Oojamaflip, The Snowflake MistakeLetter to Pluto, The SnugglewumpDaddy and I, Little Fish and Big FishFast Fox and Slow Snail and Homework on Pluto

  • Location: Luton
  • Website: Link