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‘Icing on the Cake’ for ‘Unicorn’


Lovely to see such a fun cake inspired by Rachel Lyon’s new children’s book,

” I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn” which is fast becoming a children’s favourite.

To see more about Rachel, please visit her blog page here.

To buy Rachel’s lovely book on Amazon please click here.


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Childe of Hale is Awarded Bizzie Baby Silver Award.

We’re very pleased to hear that The Cautionary Tale of the Childe of Hale by super talented author, Rachel Lyon, has won a Bizzie Baby Silver Award.

Click here to read some lovely reviews of the book and for a link to Amazon if you want to see what all the fuss is about! Child of Hale is a thought provoking, enchanting and beautifully illustrated tale about appreciating what we have – a must read.



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Events with Author Rachel Lyon



Coming up in December.

Look out for Rachel Lyon reading and signing her new book ‘ The Cautionary Tale of the Childe of Hale short listed for The Heart Of Hawick Book Award.

Everyone Welcome

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Rachel at the Carnival at Hale

This week end in the village of Hale, author Rachel Lyon will be promoting and selling her delightful book, The Cautionary Tale of the Childe of Hale, at the village Carnival.

Visitors will be able to buy a signed copy of the book also available on Amazon.  Pictured here is Rachel outside the cottage that  John Middleton lived in from 1580. John was measured at 9ft 3″ tall and slept with his feet dangling through the windows. Visitors can also visit John’s grave in the churchyard. Visitors come from all over the world to Hale and with the weather set fair it looks like it could be a very busy event. If you are going along rachel will be pleased to see you and show you her book.  Enjoy.

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Hayley from Home Review The Childe of Hale

This lovely book tells the story of the Child of Hale accompanied by some beautiful illustrations. I love this interpretation as it is most definitely, ‘A Cautionary Tale’ and has a good moral message; as all good fables should. The Childe is whisked away from his home by the king for his queen and lives in splendour, but it is too good to be true and he realises what truly matters to him.

To read the full review please click here

To buy on Amazon please click here

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Reviews for our new books


Good to see so many reviews coming in for our two new books.

READ IT DADDY, Please click here

MY MILLS BABY, Please click here

BOOK HAPPY, Please click here

LOVE READING4 KIDS Please click here

BOOM Magazine, Please click here

PRIMARY TIMES, Please click here

AMAZON for The Cautionary Tale of The Chide Of Hale, Please click here

AMAZON for Tabitha Posy Was Ever So Nosy, Please click here

Lots more to come soon.

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Maverick Books

The Cottage at Hale

Here is the actual cottage at Hale near Liverpool that gentle giant , John Middleton lived  in (1578–1623). Pictured here in he village is author Rachel Lyon holding a mock up of the book due to be published next February. The cottage is being renovated and will be available for  hire next year. We certainly will book a week end for us here at Maverick.

Followers of the Childe of Hale come from all over the world and we fully expect this lovely book by Rachel to be eagerly saught after.  A presentation to the National Trust will be made later this month.

To pre order on Amazon please click here. Amazon are offering at £1.75p off the list price , they are expecting a lot of orders!

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Maverick Books

The Cautionary Tale of The Childe of Hale- more to see!

What a fantastic scene introducing the King meeting the Childe of Hale.

Beautifully illustrated by Vanina Starkoff.

To pre order on Amazon please click here

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