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‘A great book’ Fab review for Yuck! Said the Yak at From Baby to Brontë

We’ve just spotted a wonderful review for Yuck! said the Yak by Alex English with illustrations by Emma Levey at From Baby to Brontë:

We really enjoyed this story… I like the way that yak turns out not to be a fussy eater, actually, in the end. He’d just been offered the wrong things. He points out that all yaks like grass, and Alfie’s offers, though well-intentioned, were ill-informed. It’s a good lesson for us sometimes, when we think we know best for our children or pupils, to remember not to push or own preferences and assumptions onto others. Sometimes we need to ask the questions and listen rather than just giving what we think is best. We’re all different, right?

A great book. Thanks for the choice, Daddy!’

Thanks! Read the full review here and buy a copy here

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Time to meet the most pampered dog in the park – Shampooch is nearly out!

Dog lovers and those who enjoy a little muddy fun are in for a treat on the 28th of this month with the publication of new picture book by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Susan BatoriShampooch.

Heather and Susan are the winning team behind previous books Beware the Mighty Bitey (Summer Reading Challenge 2018) and Strictly No Crocs.

With whiskers waxed, nose polished and diamante collar in place, Shampooch is the most pampered dog in the park. But will she manage to avoid all the dirty distractions?

You can order your copy for a special price of £6.95 here

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‘Lovely book that’s a fab family read’ Book Monster Ally enjoys reading Froggy Day to eager library listeners!

Ally at Book Monsters posted a wonderful review today following a reading of Froggy Day by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Barbara Bakos to a group of children in her library:

My one concern with reading this to pre-schoolers was whether they would really understand the play on words, but a quick explanation before we started reading the story and the children seemed to understand the concept quite well, and regardless of whether they did or not, they laughed and laughed and made “ribbit” noises and thoroughly enjoyed this book. They all sat impeccably through the whole thing, clearly fascinated.

From my point of view, as a storyteller, I so enjoyed reading it too, the play on words was such fun to read out loud, it allows for lots of dramatic expression and animal noises. There’s enough humour that will appeal to adults in this lovely book that’s a fab family read.

Let’s not forget those illustrations, bright, bold, so much fun and covered in frogs! Barbara Bakos has done a lovely job here, the children loved spotting the frogs and laughing at the silly antics they got up to. It really helped to aid the telling of the story.

Sometimes a tale just needs to be fun, simple, and most of all silly, that’s what so many children love, laughter is what unites us, what better way to get children engaged with reading than a book like this.

For our craftactivity, I made a frog fly catching game (found on the internet), which was simple and quick to make, but children enjoyed making it, and both children and adults enjoyed having a go.’

Thanks, Ally! Read the full review here and buy a copy here

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‘A clever tale’ Kirkus Reviews enjoys Bears Don’t Eat Egg Sandwiches!

Kirkus Reviews has published another amazing review for one of our books coming out in the US in March, Bears Don’t Eat Egg Sandwiches by Julie Fulton with illustrations by Rachel Suzanne:

‘This sufficiently cockamamie story is complemented by broadly cartoonish, digitally collaged artwork, and young readers will enjoy both the dawning realization that the bear wishes to eat Jack and chiming in on its repeated, increasingly energetic declarations that “Bears don’t eat egg sandwiches!” A clever tale about ursine dietary restrictions. (Picture book. 4-8)’

Read the whole review here and pre-order your copy of the American edition distributed by Lerner here. You can order the edition published in the UK here.

The other 3 titles releasing in the US in March are:

Hamster Sitter Wanted

Pirates in Class 3

Beware the Mighty Bitey


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‘A very good book to use if teaching celebrating differences’ Books for Topics praises Not Yet a Yeti!

Books for Topics recently reviewed new picture book Not Yet a Yeti by Lou Treleaven with illustration by Tony Neal:

The text is rich in language that makes the story an engaging and entertaining read for children. The book is full of fantastic illustrations by Tony Neal that bring the story alive. They help to tell a tale of courage, acceptance and finding yourself.

Curriculum links: This is a very good book to use if teaching celebrating differences. Also a useful book to use if looking at the weather or different climates and an excellent resource for teaching direct speech and synonyms for said.’

What a wonderful review!

Read the full review here and buy your own copy here

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‘A delightful and whimsical story’ Armadillo Magazine reviews Froggy Day!

Armadillo Magazine has reviewed new picture book Froggy Day by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Barbara Bakos in its latest Winter 2018 issue:

‘This is a delightful and whimsical story for the very young reader.  

The author and illustrator have really brought this story to life; it is all about the play on words that we are so very fond of and young children will be delighted when they grasp what is being said. The illustrator has created a fun world with bright and humorous pictures that really add to the whole story.  It is the kind of book that you can read to an individual or to small groups …

Overall the whole idea of using a single word and then manipulating it in a variety of circumstances would create some fun activities for the classroom.’

Thank you!

Read the full review here and buy a copy here

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Arthur Darvill to read FUM tonight on CBeebies Bedtime Story!

We are very excited to learn that Dr. Who’s Arthur Darvill will be reading FUM by Karl Newson with illustrations by Lucy Fleming this evening at 6:50pm as the Bedtime Story on CBeebies!

Don’t forget to tune in!

You can buy a copy here

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‘A beautiful, brilliant book’ Father Reading Every Day loves a seasonal tale of wintry magic: The Snowflake Mistake!

Father Reading Every Day recently posted a great review for The Snowflake Mistake by Lou Treleaven with illustrations by Maddie Frost:

This is a beautiful, brilliant book that is absolutely perfect for this time of year – it should be a bookshelf must-have and is one I imagine we will come back to again and again in the coming months! The story has equal parts magic and excitement, is rhymed perfectly and flows from the tongue when reading aloud and is accompanied by beautiful wintery illustrations. It’s also really nice to see a female lead taking on a challenge and solving problems all by herself; something that is still way to rare in picture books!

A perfect read for the winter months that will engage and enthrall children of all ages. T really enjoyed this one and told me, “the princess is rainbow magic and I like the snow and it’s cold and beautiful.” He spent a good while going over this one on his own, tracing letter shapes, counting, jumping, reading and cuddling his way through the story!

You can, and should get a copy of this one.’

Thank you!

Read the full review here and buy a copy here

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‘A must-have for any child’s library’ Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids reviews the Snowflake Mistake!

US based reviewer Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids has just posted a wonderful review for The Snowflake Mistake by Lou Treleaven with illustrations by Maddie Frost:

This rhyming picture book is truly a must-have for any child’s library.’

Read the full review here and buy a copy from US distributor Lerner Books here and for dispatch to all other parts of the world here

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Froggy Day wins Maverick Book of the Year 2018!

After voting from all our authors we are delighted to announce that FROGGY DAY by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Barbara Bakos is the winner of the Maverick Book of the Year 2018!

Thanks to all the  Maverick authors who voted -the final result was extremely close- and many congratulations to Heather and Barbara for creating such a fantastic children’s picture book!

The trophy will be presented at our 10 year celebration party in March during the London Book Fair.

You can order your copy here


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