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‘Jon can’t wait to live on Pluto!’ and neither can My Book Corner, a super review of Teachers on Pluto

My Book Corner recently enjoyed travelling along with Jon to the planet Pluto! Thank you Sarah for the review of Teachers On Pluto by Lou Treleaven!

‘Told in letter format between all the characters, Lou Treleaven’s unique text and illustrations make this wonderful tale of friendship amid the solar system, one postcard and letter at a time. Great fun!’

Read the whole review here and buy a copy here 

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‘A must-needed addition to any library, school or home’ My Book Corner’s out of this world review of The Spacesuit by Alison Donald

Thank you My Book Corner for the out of this world review of The Spacesuit by Alison Donald with beautifully crafted illustrations by Ariel Landy!

‘The moon walk anniversary is upon us and this picture book is a fantastic factual resource for all the family to learn more about the lead up to the ground-breaking journey by Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong. With wonderful timelines and text by Alison Donald and informative pages highlighted in a clear and fun way by illustrator Ariel Landy, The Spacesuit is a must-needed addition to any library, school or home.’

Read the full review here or buy a copy here

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‘Like a ray of sunshine’ High praise for new Turquoise band Early Reader The Oojamaflip

Sarah at My Book Corner has posted a wonderful review for new Turquoise band Early Reader by Lou Treleaven The Oojamaflip:

Lou Treleaven’s fantastically named book takes us on journey with our favourite professor as the reader considers what is needed to invent – a vivid imagination, an eye for science and sheer determination. With Julia Patton’s illustrations brightening up our literary world and detailing Professor’s inventions in a fun and informative way, this book is like a ray of sunshine.’

Thanks, Sarah!

Read the whole review here.

Find information about and order all of our Early Readers here (with free downloadable audio files and activity packs).

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‘A heart-felt voyage of discovery’ My Book Corner enjoys an excellent tale of accepting difference in Not Yet a Yeti!

Sarah at My Book Corner has written a lovely review of Not Yet a Yeti by Lou Treleaven:

Lou Treleaven’s words along with the colourful images created by Tony Neal take the reader on a heart-felt voyage of discovery. George, like so many children out there, perhaps feel they are different from others in their family unit.

Not Yet a Yeti is an excellent tale of no matter who or what you are, your family will always love and support you.’

Our thanks, Sarah! Read the review and order your copy here

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‘A must-read for Dino Wars fans!’ My Book Corner races through The Trials of Terror!

Have you seen the great review from My Book Corner for the second book in the Dino Wars series The Trials of Terror by Dan Metcalf?

Dan Metcalf’s second book in the Dino Wars series is a fast-paced thriller with jumps and scares at every turn of the page. The reader will race through each chapter rooting for Adam and Chloe as they are put to the test in order to save their friends.

With super illustrations from Aaron Blecha throughout, this is a must-read for Dino Wars fans!’

Read the full review and order here

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‘Every page a pleasure to read and devour’ My Book Corner loves some troublesome frog antics!

Sarah at My Book Corner has written a hopping great review for new picture book Froggy Day by Heather Pindar with amazing frog illustrations by Barbara Bakos:
‘Froggy Day is such an imaginative and hilarious story of a deluge of frogs playing havoc in town!
Heather Pindar’s play on words will have the reader laughing out loud as each page increases the troublesome antics of the frogs. Barbara Bakos creates a fantastic illusion of froggy day with her amazing illustrations that make every page a pleasure to read and devour.’ 
Thanks, Sarah!
Read the full review here and buy a copy here
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My Book Corner gives a big thumbs up for new Early Readers!

Sarah at My Book Corner has posted some great reviews for two of our new blue and yellow band Early Readers published last month:

Clare Helen Walsh’s (The Aerodynamics of Biscuits) lovely story of King Carl and his wonderful day out at the fair will be a joy for all ages to read. With counting sequences and beautiful illustrations by Marina Pessarrodona, each page is bursting with colour.’

‘This is a super story to celebrate how one person doing a good deed can mean the world to another. Patricia Reagan’s illustrations and Clare Helen Walsh’s wonderful words take the young reader on Jim’s story as he helps the fisherman, only to be given what he wanted all along, in return.’

Many thanks, Sarah! Read the full review here.

Order our Early Readers from Hive at good discounts and free delivery here. You can opt to have them delivered to you or to your local bookshop which will then receive a percentage of the sales.

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‘Great suspense and fun dialogue’ My Book Corner rave review for The Wondrous Dinosaurium!

Dinosaurium website banner

Leisa at My Book Corner just posted a fab review for The Wondrous Dinosaurium by John Condon with illustrations by Steve Brown (along with a very funny story about a childhood cinema outing to see Jurassic Park!!):

‘The idea’s a simple one – Danny wants a pet. But not just any pet… a giant Jurassic one. Luckily Mr Ree’s the purveyor of prehistoric pets at the local Dinosaurium, wedged on the High Street between the light shop and the locksmith. Mr Ree soon sorts Danny out with a car squashingly big Diplodocus Longus, a drooly T-Rex, a flightly pterodon and the list goes on. None are quite right, but Danny and Mr Ree eventually get on the same page delivering a delightfully satisfying ending for little dino devotees.

John’s packed loads into a wonderfully short text – great suspense and fun dialogue. And Steve’s illustrations are fantastically good fun – with loads of humour for the kids.

Some dino obsessions never die. Happy reading!’

Thanks, Leisa!

See the full review here and buy a copy here

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‘Perfect for home and school’: Pink band Early Reader gets a thumbs up from My Book Corner!

Our Early Readers are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. Our latest fan is My Book Corner which recently reviewed pink band Early Reader Meg and Rat and Puff! Puff! Puff! by Cath Jones and illustrated by Adam Pryce.

These two stories come in one book, part of Maverick’s Early Reader scheme. They are banded as Maverick’s Book Band Pink, which is the first level in Maverick’s scale of reading difficulty.

What I really like about these two stories, is that they are just that – stories. They are told in very few words, with the story being told by Adam’s Pryce’s delightful illustrations too.

‘Meg and Rat’ – Children will love this story. It has a hunt for treasure, a lost map and a great twist, all told in very few words. This story is cleverly written with repetition of sentences, with just one word different. The unexpected end made my daughter chuckle.

‘Puff! Puff! Puff!’ – The repetition of ‘Puff! Puff! Puff!’ throughout this story is great fun. I like how each character’s name rhymes with the type of animal they are. My daughter was fascinated with the last page and studied it for ages.

Each story is complemented with a page focusing on one letter and its formation. There is another page with words to familiarise the reader to, high frequency words, tips for reading the books and a suggested fun activity.

The Early Readers are perfect to share with your child at home, as well as for use in schools.’

Meg and Rat Puff Puff Puff ER Cover LR RGB JPEG

Watch out for more Early Readers coming out this year!

Buy a copy of the book  here and read the review here

See all 40 Early Readers in the scheme here

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Maverick picture books #1 and #2 most viewed book reviews on My Book Corner!

The New LiBEARian by Alison Donald and illustrated by Alex Willmore was the top viewed book review and Bonkers About Beetroot by Cath Jones and illustrated by Chris Jevons was a close second on book reviews blog My Book Corner.

Thanks Emma and readers!

See The New LiBEARian review here

See Bonkers About Beetroot here


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