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Pre-order the latest Maverick Books today!

Maverick will be publishing 5 new titles in January and you can pre-order your copies today!

Daniel O’Dowd was ever so Loud – Julie Fulton. Pre-order here.

This is the fourth book in the Ever So series by Julie Fulton. Julie’s rhymes are original and fun, making the Ever So series books a joy to read for both children and parents.

Daniel O’Dowd has a very loud voice and annoys everyone with it.  One day, on a school trip to the Professor McWhizzit’s house, he spies a comet heading towards earth but the Professor has an idea how Daniel’s super sonic voice might save the day…

Other titles in the Ever SO series are:
Mrs. MacCreedy was ever so Greedy
Tabatha Posy was ever so Nosy
Miss. Dorothy-Jane was ever so Vain


Preposterous Rhinoceros – Tracy Guaratnam. Pre-order here.

Written by first time author Tracy Gunaratnam, this is the charming story of how a rhinoceros learns to read so that he can read a bedtime story to his friends. Rhinoceros tries many different ways to ‘dive into’ the book which children will find amusing and by the end, they will be excited about learning to read for themselves.

Disaster! King Lion has lost his voice and cannot read the animals their bedtime story. Luckily Preposterous Rhinoceros wants to give it a go… but how do you go about reading a book?

Robopop – Alice Hemming. Pre-order here.

This is Alice Hemming’s third book published with Maverick. Robopop is a funny story about two children who get more than they bargained for when they wished that their dad would be more normal. It teaches children to appreciate and accept the differences that make people who they are.

“I’m RO-BO-POP, your robot pa. I’m the greatest dad by far. I play golf and I wear ties. I catch spiders – any size!” Dylan and Daisy’s dad invents a robot to show his children that dads don’t come in a box!

Other books by Alice Hemming:
The Black and White Club
Bibbles and the Bubbeles

The Four Little Pigs – Kimara Nye. Pre-order here.

A twist on the traditional tale of  the three little pigs. A twisted tail, you might say…

Tom’s granny is a witch and whenever he goes to stay he has exciting adventures. When Tom says that the Three Little Pigs story is boring, Granny uses a spell to send him into the book.  Tom must be clever to avoid being eaten by the big bad wolf!




The Dog Detectives in an American Adventure – Zoa. Pre-order here.

This is the fourth book in the Dog Detectives series by Zoa. In this book we see Dectective Jack and Deputy Poco Loco travelling across the United States to help a lost Opossum find her way home.

In the fourth book in the series Detective Jack and Deputy Poco Loco are cycling across America, seeing some famous sites. Imogen the Opossum is bored and so she sets off on an adventure but soon discovers that she is hopelessly lost.  Thankfully the Dog Detectives are willing to help…

Other titles in the Dog Detectives Series:
The Dog Detectives: Outback Odyssey
The Dog Detectives: The Great Grizzly North
The Dog Detectives: Lost in London

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Maverick welcomes Tracy Gunaratnam!

We have just added Tracy to our authors page and want to give her a true Maverick welcome! Tracy is one of our newest authors who will publish her first children’s picture book, Preposterous Rhinoceros, with us in January. We are really excited about Tracy’s work and cannot wait for everyone else to fall in love with it too.

So please join us in welcoming Tracy, the newest member of the Maverick family. Read her full bio here and pre-order her book on Amazon.


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Southend Children’s Book Festival

During late October and the school half term we were extremely pleased to have three Maverick Authors taking part in the Southend Children’s Book Festival.

Pictured here are Giles Paley – Phillips reading his well know book ‘The Fearsome Beastie’ which is always a big hit with children of all ages.













Alice Hemming author of ‘The Black and White Club’

also amused many children with her brand new book, ‘Bibble and the Bubbles’



First time author Amanda Brandon read and signed her delightful picture book, ‘A Scarf and a Half’

We are certain that all the children and authors had a fantastic time, many thanks to the organisers for putting on such a good event.




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Madhouse Family Reviews

Many thanks to one of our favourite  book review sites; Madhouse Family Reviews.

The way they review each book gives the viewer a very good feel and is extremely helpful to many parents/ grandparents/friends looking for the very best books to buy for children.

Please click on each link for the full review or to buy on Amazon.

A Scarf and a Half –  the full review here to buy on Amazon please click here.

For Yuck said the Yak review –  please click here to buy on Amazon please click here.

Bibble and the Bubbles Review – please click here to buy on Amazon please click here.

I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn – please click here to buy on Amazon please click here.



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Hedgehog – Meet the Hedgehugs!
















Lucy Tapper and Steve Wilson visited  children at Sunbeams Nursery in Plymouth to read and sign their children’s picture book ‘Hedgehugs’

A treat for everyone was to meet a real Hedgehog.

Look out for pictures later this week in the The Plymouth Herald and the Tavistock Times and to buy a copy of this lovely children’s book on line  please click here.



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Reviews for “Yuck said the Yak”











Five Stars on amazon from  BD Metcalf “Dan Metcalf” (UK)

A real treat!, 29 Sep 2014

“The story is a treat too, and tells the tale of a Yak (yes, Yak) who comes to stay. Alfie is the perfect host, and offers all manner of refreshments, to which the Yak says YUCK!”

To read all the reviews for Yuck said the Yak and to buy online from amazon please click here.


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Rootin, Tootin, Meerkats 2015













Selection of the new images created by Mr Paul Cocken for the new 2015 Maverick Meerkats Calendar!

Appearing in Paperchase, Calendar Club and other UK retailers and on line at Amazon.


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Guinea Pig Games 2015 Calendar – Now, out and about!


Pleased to see that our new ‘Guinea Pig Games’ 2015 is now getting out and about.

Hope the many thousands of loyal supporters enjoy the sporting antics of our furry friends!

To buy on Amazon please click here.


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Maverick best seller on Amazon

Very pleased to see lots of sales for Phil Allcock on Amazon for ‘Cantankerous King Colin’ following this quirky and fun book being on CBeebies Bedtime Stories. Thoroughly well deserved!

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‘Book of the Month”I Wish I’d been Born a Unicorn’ at the Book Centre, Ireland

We are all extremely pleased that Rachel Lyon’s second rhyming picure book has been selected as ‘Book of the Month’ for the Irish Book Centre Bookchain.

Rachel is one of our most talented rhyming authors here at Maverick and we are sure that children are going to enjoy the antics of ‘Mucky’

Please look out for this lovely book in all good bookshops and on line.  Enjoy.

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