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‘A huge hit! Teacher reviewer Mrs Wylie and students love our new Graphic Reluctant Readers!

Primary school teacher Mrs Wylie posted a wonderful review for our 6 new Graphic Readers for reluctant readers on her book review site Addicted to Books:

The Graffix Books Reluctant Reader Series from Maverick Publishing is a great series of books to get reluctant readers hooked on reading again. The modern, up-to-date storylines, presented in a graphic novel style will grab attention at first glance.  I trialled them with a variety of readers of different ages and they were a huge hit!  I would highly recommend these books to everyone, reluctant reader or not.’

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‘I really like the way that there was a background to the story and an introduction to the main characters at the front of the book. I trialled this book in my classroom and in the school library where it reached a wide audience and it was a big hit!’


A topic that is relevant to today in our time of Talent Competitions like X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, this story is very appealing and was enjoyed by a wide range of readers in my school.  Everyone who read it asked for more books like this one. The colourful illustrations and easy-to-read text are enjoyable and weave an engrossing tale for all.’

Helix: The City of Chayos and Helix: The Stranger

Full of adventure and action, these books were a big hit with the children in my school, particularly the boys.  They’ve made me promise to get them the rest of the series!’

Dragon Lord

Of all the Graffix Books that I have read, this one was my favourite. I love dragons and dragon stories.’


Definitely a story for kids who may find themselves in a similar situation of being caught between pleasing their parents and being their own person.’

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‘Diverse and interesting’ The Learning Hub reviews our latest Graphic Readers!

The Learning Hub at the Institute of Education, University of Reading, has given a fabulous thumbs up for our new Graphic Reluctant Reader series:

‘The Graffix readers are engaging, short, comic style stories thoughtfully structured to support struggling readers and help build their confidence. A walkthrough section at the beginning provides context that can help readers feel familiar with and therefore more prepared to approach the main text, while the quiz-like questions at the end offer a fun way to check understanding and develop inference-making skills.

The brief, accessible blocks of text combined with fantastic, clear illustrations ensure an appealing read and although told simply, the stories are diverse and interesting. We particularly love the Helix series that features superhero teenagers battling evil Chayos robots, the cliffhangers at the end of each volume had us quickly moving onto the next!’

Thanks, Louise!

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Look out for more books in the series coming August 2018!

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