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‘Like a ray of sunshine’ High praise for new Turquoise band Early Reader The Oojamaflip

Sarah at My Book Corner has posted a wonderful review for new Turquoise band Early Reader by Lou Treleaven The Oojamaflip:

Lou Treleaven’s fantastically named book takes us on journey with our favourite professor as the reader considers what is needed to invent – a vivid imagination, an eye for science and sheer determination. With Julia Patton’s illustrations brightening up our literary world and detailing Professor’s inventions in a fun and informative way, this book is like a ray of sunshine.’

Thanks, Sarah!

Read the whole review here.

Find information about and order all of our Early Readers here (with free downloadable audio files and activity packs).

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‘A smashing children’s story’ Linda’s Book Bag reviews new purple band Early Reader!

We’ve spotted a lovely review from Linda’s Book Bag for new purple band Early Reader Wishker by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Sarah Jennings which was published just this week:

I thought the range of punctuation was very skilfully handled so that question marks, exclamation marks and ellipsis are naturally exemplified enabling emergent writers to see how they might be used. There’s a super use of language too with a little word play in ‘Purr-haps’ and great onomatopoeia, but with accessible and familiar vocabulary to give children confidence in their own writing and reading. The questions at the end of the book enable adults to check children’s understanding and they provide a lovely opportunity for adults and children to discuss and share together.

There’s a clear moral to the story too with Mirabel learning that you have to be careful what you wish for and not to be too greedy.

However, those educational elements aside Wishker is a smashing children’s story in its own right. There’s a great plot, with humour and relationships woven through it. The illustrations by Sarah Jennings are simply wonderful. They are bright, colourful and interesting. I can see that they would afford lots of opportunity for counting, identifying and sharing.

I thought Wishker was a smashing children’s story.’

Thanks, Linda! Read the full review here and order a copy here.

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‘Maverick Early Readers tick all the boxes… they have made a huge difference’ Our Early Readers help The Merry Bookworm solve a picky reader problem!

We’ve just spotted a lovely review from The Merry Bookworm which encapsulates how our reading scheme differs from the others – it engages children and allows them to ENJOY reading:

If, like me, you have a young child who is bored of school reading books, you’ll know it’s not always easy to find alternatives that match their reading ability.  You might find, however, that a new range of Early Readers, published by Maverick Arts Publishing, solves your problems!  Maverick have taken fun, interesting picture books and adapted them so that children can make the transition from listener to reader; more importantly, they have aligned the books to the Institute of Education’s book banded system, so that you can always find stories that are perfectly suited to your child’s current reading level.

My son is notoriously picky when it comes to reading books.  He is not at all interested in Biff, Chip and Kipper – in fact, they are responsible for him perfecting his (rather impressive) eye-roll!  He wants stories that make him laugh, capture his imagination and have proper storylines, rather than texts that are built around various phonic sounds.  He also wants full-colour, interesting illustrations as he really enjoys looking at the pictures before he reads the words on the page.  These Maverick Early Readers tick all the boxes.  If I put a school reader and a Maverick Early Reader in front of him, he will always pick the Early Reader first and immediately crack on with reading it enthusiastically, whereas school books very seldom hold his attention and I have to continually encourage him to read (which is like pulling teeth at times).  My son also loves the quiz at the end of each book, which is great for checking understanding.  I can say, hand on heart, that they have made a huge difference to his love of reading (and my stress levels…) and have been worth every penny.’

Thanks, Lorraine! Read the full review here

Check out all the books in the scheme here and download free activity packs and audio files. Look out for 30 more titles publishing Spring 2019!

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New Early Readers publishing in January!

We have just received advance copies of ten new Early Readers publishing in January and don’t they look great?

These include titles in the orange, turquoise , purple, gold and white bands, bringing our list of Early Reader titles to 80. In March we will publish another 10 titles and in May a further 10 to take the scheme up to 100 books!

Visit our new Early Reader dedicated website where you can find free downloadable audio files and activity packs here.

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Maverick Early Readers hit 80 titles!

The Maverick Early Readers scheme is growing by leaps and bounds! To add to our list of 70 Early Readers we are announcing the publication of 10 more titles on January 28th. These include titles from the orange, turquoise, purple, gold and white bands

Here is a sneaky peek at the covers!


Visit out dedicated Early Reader website here for more information!

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Maverick Early Readers on Blank podcast!

Have you heard the ad for the Maverick Early Readers scheme on new podcast Blank which will be broadcast during the episode featuring Michael Rosen?

Have a listen here

Check out the whole scheme of 80 books here with free downloadable audio files and activity packs!

Buy individual books here

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Tea and Cake for the Soul review some new Maverick picture book and early reader treats!

We are delighted to see a new review for four recent Maverick books from new reviewer Tea and Cake for the Soul:

I only feature books that I really love and am happy to share with you as part of my Recommended Reading section, and I have to say that these are fabulous for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1. Please check out their website for both collections, where you can order online, find teacher resources, and printable colouring pages for images and characters from the books.’ 

Not Yet a Yeti

‘A perfect example to share with children so that they know we are not all the same and it’s ok to be different.’

Froggy Day

This book will get both adult and child giggling, with plenty of opportunities to explore the pictures and mispronounce the words. …The ending is brilliant and opens you up to lots of conversation predicting what is going to happen next.  That in itself is good for younger children to build up their own storytelling skills and great for older children to invent and write their own story.’

Early Readers:

The Space Race

A fun story with lots of repetitive phonic sounds, introducing some number and size language and speech imagery too.’

I Don’t Care Said Big Bear:

‘There are lots of repetitive words and phrases needed to learn to read, and more speech displayed in bubbles, showing that written form has many different uses.

Both these early reader books are beautifully illustrated and each has a quiz at the end so that you can make sure that children have understood what they have read and learn how to go back and find the answers.’

Read the full review here

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Lovely article on the Maverick Early Readers scheme in NATE’s Primary Matters magazine this month!

We are delighted to see Maverick editor Kimara Nye’s article on our Early Readers scheme appearing in the Primary Matters Autumn 2018 issue! The magazine is published by the National Association for the Teaching of English and our article explains the vision, development and testing of the 70 title scheme including the launch last week of the new dedicated Early Readers website with audio assistance videos, activity packs and other resources for teachers and parents.

The Early Readers are available from the major book wholesalers and school and library supply companies. Peters and Browns Books for Students are currently offering 40% off of a selection of the Early Readers as back to school promotions!

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New dedicated Early Reader website for teachers and parents launching tomorrow!

We are delighted to announce that our new dedicated Early Reader website will be live tomorrow, Friday the 14th September!


This website includes all of our Early Reader titles with sections for parents and teachers.  There is an area for resources, which will include audio assistance videos for our pink, red, yellow and blue bands.  Each book is read out with the words highlighted on the screen, allowing children to follow the text. We will also have downloadable Activity Packs for the books in the scheme. These packs are all free and will have lots of fun activities for children to do surrounding each story.

Have a look from tomorrow here!



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My Book Corner gives a big thumbs up for new Early Readers!

Sarah at My Book Corner has posted some great reviews for two of our new blue and yellow band Early Readers published last month:

Clare Helen Walsh’s (The Aerodynamics of Biscuits) lovely story of King Carl and his wonderful day out at the fair will be a joy for all ages to read. With counting sequences and beautiful illustrations by Marina Pessarrodona, each page is bursting with colour.’

‘This is a super story to celebrate how one person doing a good deed can mean the world to another. Patricia Reagan’s illustrations and Clare Helen Walsh’s wonderful words take the young reader on Jim’s story as he helps the fisherman, only to be given what he wanted all along, in return.’

Many thanks, Sarah! Read the full review here.

Order our Early Readers from Hive at good discounts and free delivery here. You can opt to have them delivered to you or to your local bookshop which will then receive a percentage of the sales.

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