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‘Every bit as good as the best standalone books for emerging readers’ The Chicken Knitters gets a big thumbs up from Madge Eekal Reviews!

Madge Eekal Reviews has just published a glowing review of The Chicken Knitters (published 28 March 2019) a gold band Early Reader by wonderful storyteller Cath Jones:

The Chicken Knitters is a ‘Gold Level’ book in the Early Reading Scheme from Maverick Arts Publishing. I’ve now reviewed a handful of the books from this scheme… and I’ve been impressed by the quality and originality of the stories. However, this is the first time that I’ve singled out one book from this series to review separately. This is because The Chicken Knittersis every bit as good as the best standalone books for emerging readers.

Let’s start with the story itself. I loved everything about this from the slightly silly central premise to the details author, Cath Jones, incorporates. For example, when Lilly finds the barn is locked, she uses the handy knitting needle tucked behind her ear to get in. And, when she sees the chickens shivering, she immediately sets about knitting them some cosy chicken-sized jumpers. Her knitting skills also shape the plot and the climax when nasty Farmer Claw is defeated – yes, you’ve guessed it – by a trap Lilly and her friends have knitted!

While the story is light-hearted and instantly appealing, I also liked the way it subtly raises awareness around the issue of cruelty to battery chickens. The underlying theme about the triumph of good over evil is also always good for this age range.

As this is part of an early reading scheme the language is carefully selected to fit the book’s grading, but this is by no means obvious when reading this book. Instead, the text flows well with lots of interest that keeps the reader wanting to read on. The structure of the book into five distinct chapters is also shaped by the reading scheme but, again, this works well and gives the feel of a real ‘grown up’ book.

The full colour Illustrations by Sean Longcroft are clear, lively and colourful and complement the text well, giving clues to help the child decipher any unfamiliar words and aid their reading.’ 

Thanks, Madge!

You can order a copy of this title here or view all of our Early Readers (including several others by Cath) and download activity packs and audio files here

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Crochet Now has gone bonkers for Bonkers about Beetroot!

Crochet Now magazine has run a piece on Bonkers about Beetroot author Cath Jones‘ local crochet group who decided to create the characters from the popular picture book which won Maverick Book of the Year in 2017!

You can buy a copy of this lovely title here



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‘Fun stories kids will relish’ Maverick picture books dazzle on their US debut in Midwest Book Review!

Midwest Book Review has just enthusiastically reviewed three of our picture books released for distribution in the US this month:

Two fine new picture book stories are recommended picks from Maverick Books and provide different tales and refreshingly new perspectives. Jessie Miller and Barbara Bakos’ Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans (9781848862821, $17.99) tells of a rooster excited by his new dazzling blue jeans. It’s always a risk trying out a new style, though; particularly when barnyard animals aren’t used to dressing up. Cath Jones is also a fun new author offering Bonkers (9781848862814, $17.99), the story of an endangered safari park whose resident animals are determined to save it. They have to think out of the zoo box to do so, however, and the most bonkers idea, involving a giant beet, may just be the ticket to success. Both are whimsical, fun stories kids will relish.’

‘Pod is a young boy who lives in the Stone Age and finds that he often has a cold bottom! So he invents underpants! Unfortunately his choice of material is not always practical. Will he find something that is both warm and flexible, so he can play with his friends? Charmingly written by Rebecca Lisle and featuring the lively illustrations of Richard Watson, “Stone Underpants” is an original, entertaining, and thoroughly ‘kid friendly’ picture book the is very highly recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library collections for children ages 4 to 9.’

Thank you so much! See all the reviews here.

These books are distributed by Lerner Books and you can find more info including ordering options on Stone Underpants here, On Bonkers here and on Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans here.

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Maverick picture books prepare to delight American readers!

Maverick picture books will delight a whole new readership of children and adults from the 1st of September!

Four of our most popular picture books will be published in the US in beautiful jacketed hardback editions priced at $17.99 each and distributed by Lerner Publishing.

We are so excited to receive these advance copies in the office recently. Aren’t they lovely?


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‘Sure to have readers rooting for Zebra and laughing, too’ First Kirkus Reviews notice for Bonkers American release!

We were thrilled to see our very first review online today in Kirkus Reviews for the American edition of Bonkers by Cath Jones with illustrations by Chris Jevons. The book will be published in a hardback jacketed edition (ISBN 978-1-84886-310-1on the 1st of September at a price of $17.99 and distributed by Lerner Books.

Jevons’ cartoon illustrations amplify the silly text’s humor with strong visual characterization and funny details. Sure to have readers rooting for Zebra and laughing, too.’

See the full review here

The review will appear on the print edition of Kirkus Reviews on June 15th.

Bonkers US HB Cover LR RGB JPEG


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‘This is exactly the kind of book that I love to read aloud to groups of children’ Books for Topics reviews 3 New Picture Books!

Books for Topics just posted a wonderful series of reviews for three of our newest picture books:

Not My Hats! by Tracy Gunaratnam with illustrations by Alea Marley:

Everything about ‘Not My Hats!’ makes for a very happy storytime, from the brightly patterned illustrations to the slightly random cast of characters to the hilarious sets of rhyming strings. Tracy Gunaratnam is a master of rhyme and rhythm and there is something really delightful in the way the lines in this book roll off the tongue.’

AdoraBULL by Alison Donald with illustrations by Alex Willmore:

Whimsical and endearing… This story is humorous and the accompanying illustrations are filled with witty details that are pleasing to both young children and adults alike.’

Bonkers About Beetroot by Cath Jones with illustrations by Chris Jevons:

A truly original picture book…This is a really funny story that is suitable for a laugh-out-loud story time in EYFS and KS1.’

Thanks, Alison!

Read the full review here

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‘A truly original picture book’ Books for Topics recommends Bonkers About Beetroot for reception and KS1 class use!

Books for Topics recently posted a wonderful review for Bonkers About Beetroot by Cath Jones with illustrations by Chris Jevons:

‘This is a truly original picture book that, like its name, is just a bit bonkers! It tells the story of an innovative zebra who is looking for a way to bring in visitors to Sunset Safari Park to save it from being closed down. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Zebra decides to grow the world’s most enormous beetroot which, with a nod to the story of the Enormous Turnip, becomes so big that the only thing to do is to eat it. However, eating the beetroot has unintentional and colourful consequences for Zebra in a humorous twist. This is a really funny story that is suitable for reception and KS1 and would fit well with topics about plants and animals.’

Thank you!

Bonkers About Beetroot Cover RGB HR JPEG

Read the review here

Buy a copy of this fantastic book here

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Cath Jones interview with The Letterpress Project!

The Letterpress Project recently posted a wonderful interview with Bonkers About Beetroot and The Smart Hat author Cath Jones.  Cath has been a librarian, teacher and community gardener before deciding to take the plunge to become a full time author of picture books, early readers and junior fiction. In the interview she talks about her earliest experiences as a reader, her favourite books and what qualities make a book exceptional.

Cath Jones pic cropped and reduced size

Read the full interview here

Buy a copy of Bonkers About Beetroot here and The Smart Hat here


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Cath Jones talks about Bonkers About Beetroot on Story Snug!

Story Snug has recently run a wonderful interview with Bonkers About Beetroot author Cath Jones. Find out about how Cath became a writer, her inspiration for the book, her collaboration with illustrator Chris Jevons, some of her favourite picture books and get a sneaky preview of her future book projects!

Read the full interview here and buy a copy of the book here.



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‘Perfect for home and school’: Pink band Early Reader gets a thumbs up from My Book Corner!

Our Early Readers are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. Our latest fan is My Book Corner which recently reviewed pink band Early Reader Meg and Rat and Puff! Puff! Puff! by Cath Jones and illustrated by Adam Pryce.

These two stories come in one book, part of Maverick’s Early Reader scheme. They are banded as Maverick’s Book Band Pink, which is the first level in Maverick’s scale of reading difficulty.

What I really like about these two stories, is that they are just that – stories. They are told in very few words, with the story being told by Adam’s Pryce’s delightful illustrations too.

‘Meg and Rat’ – Children will love this story. It has a hunt for treasure, a lost map and a great twist, all told in very few words. This story is cleverly written with repetition of sentences, with just one word different. The unexpected end made my daughter chuckle.

‘Puff! Puff! Puff!’ – The repetition of ‘Puff! Puff! Puff!’ throughout this story is great fun. I like how each character’s name rhymes with the type of animal they are. My daughter was fascinated with the last page and studied it for ages.

Each story is complemented with a page focusing on one letter and its formation. There is another page with words to familiarise the reader to, high frequency words, tips for reading the books and a suggested fun activity.

The Early Readers are perfect to share with your child at home, as well as for use in schools.’

Meg and Rat Puff Puff Puff ER Cover LR RGB JPEG

Watch out for more Early Readers coming out this year!

Buy a copy of the book  here and read the review here

See all 40 Early Readers in the scheme here

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