Tabitha Posy was ever so Nosy

Tabitha is a pest to everyone in the town of Hamilton Shady.  She can’t help but be curious and so sticks her nose in other people’s business!  So one day on a school trip to the zoo Tabitha’s nosiness gets her into a bit of trouble with one of the zoo’s less friendly animals!


Tabitha Posy was ever so nosy,

she made all her neighbours shout.

She’d peer round each door, ask ‘WHY? and WHAT FOR?’

then pester until she found out.


Tabitha Posy was ever so Nosy is the second book in the ‘Ever So’ series written by Julie Fulton.  The first book Mrs MacCready was ever so Greedy has received fantastic reviews and is a huge hit with children.  The series takes place in the fictional town of Hamilton Shady where the residents are not all perfect!  Written in rhyme and illustrated by top illustrator, Jona Jung, this second installment is definitely a must have.



ISBN: 978-1-84886-097-1

Published in February 2013

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