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Maverick Storytellers – Distribution Scheme

What makes a Maverick Storyteller?

A Maverick Storyteller is a pro-active and creative individual with a keen interest in sharing children’s stories, running events and representing Maverick as an independent distributor.

What does a Maverick Storyteller do?

Quite simply, Storytellers share the Maverick stories and sell the Maverick books! Storytellers are free to decide how they want to sell the books. Here are some examples of how our Storytellers operate:

  • Storytelling Sessions
  • School visits
  • Library sessions
  • Home parties
  • Villages fairs and fetes
  • Literary festivals
  • Author collaborative events

What benefits do Storytellers receive?

Each Storyteller can order a 16 book starter pack as a resource for running storytelling sessions and selling books. They can order any of the Maverick books from our distributor at a discount and can choose their own prices, putting them in control of their profits. They receive rewards when they recommend friends to the scheme. They also have access to a secure online community where they can connect with other storytellers, share ideas, get advice and download helpful resources.

Interested? How do you get started?

To become a Maverick Storyteller you have to tick a couple of boxes:

  • Provide us with a professional referee (e.g. a teacher) who can validate your ability to be a storyteller
  • You may need to be DBS checked in order to work with children in schools*
  • Must have Public Liability Insurance to cover events and sessions*

To apply, click the enquire button below and fill out the contact form. We will assess and respond to every application received.

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*Can be obtained after your application has been accepted but must be in place before you participate in any storyteller events or sessions.