Sarah Broadhurst Reviews

Sarah Broadhurst met our Maverick author, Julie Fulton at one of her many events (you can read about it on her blog).  She kindly offered to review some of our books.  Here are snippet from the reviews:

Mrs MacCready Was Ever So Greedy

“Another book written in rhyme and this one is so much fun!

The book is full of brightly coloured illustrations which accompany Julie Fulton’s text perfectly. The story is funny and will appeal to children of all ages…Mrs MacCready is a great gift for any young child; it is a great book to share and also introduces children to the idea of healthy eating and portion size! Young children will enjoy listening to the story being read to them, the rhymes will encourage children to join in the story. The book would also be good for early readers.” Read full review

The Fearsome Beastie

“This book will appeal to any children who like monsters and beasts rather than fairy tales. A great gift for little boys who don’t like the nice, happily ever after tales we grew up with…the illustrations are of a very high quality and superbly coloured. The moral of the story is a good one and its gruesomeness will appeal to children of all ages.

…there are so many talking points: feelings and emotions, the pictures show a wide range of emotions…” Read full review

Lost in London

“As soon as I opened the pages to this book I was attracted to the bright colours and clear pictures adorning every page of this book. The text is in a very clear font and size, perfect for a story to share at story time in a classroom or at home at bedtime.

A great book to introduce children to the landmarks of London…The search for the ravens is interactive with the children reading the story as they can search the pictures to find the six missing ravens too.

The book also ends with a double page spread of facts about London and gives further information about London and its landmarks.” Read full review