‘Perfect for young readers but equally fascinating for adults.’ The Spacesuit shoots for the stars for Madge Eekal Reviews

Zoe at Madge Eekal Reviews has reviewed Alison Donald’s out-of-this-world picture book, The Spacesuit, with illustrations by Ariel Landy:

Published to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first moon walk in 1969, The Spacesuit is a fascinating insight into the true story of the design of the suit worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Presented as a picture book, it’s perfect for young readers but equally fascinating for adults. For example, did you know that it wasn’t unusual for the undergarment industry to try new things? Apparently, in World War One they designed flight suits for pilots.

I liked the way the book opens with Ellie as a child enabling younger readers to more easily identify with our main character. I was also impressed by the clever storytelling (including references to how Ellie’s sewing launched her into another universe) and the use of separate text bubbles to provide intriguing facts.

The story is complemented by excellent and imaginative pictures that have a nostalgic feel while still being modern and incredibly appealing. I particularly liked the use of lighting in the darker pictures (the first page being a good example) and the ingenious line drawings such as the planet that looks like a safety pin and button.

There’s quite a lot to take in but that is one of the many strengths of this book. It will easily stand re-reading many, many times. Indeed, I fully expect this to become a firm favourite with children and adults as well as a useful classroom resource. With a well-structured and informative story and beautiful pictures, there is a strong chance this will become a dateless classic.

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