Armadillo: Words and Pictures

It isn’t often that our books are reviewed alongside each other…So when Please Bear’s Birthday (our only pre-school book) was put against Mrs MacCready and the Fearsome Beastie it didn’t bode well.

Words such as “overtly moralistic” were mentioned once or twice in reference to Please Bear’s Birthday, but this does not deter us, as the old fashioned values actually make this series popular with grandparents (the first book sold out of its first print run!).

But the review did improve with the “big, bright and funny” Mrs MacCready, where Julie, the author, was described as “accomplished”. 

The reviewer, emphasises the importance of good flowing rhymes and strong, vibrant pictures that catch a child’s attention and holds it.  Very informative.

To read the full review/article for yourself, click here.

With so many good reviews for these three books, it’s not surprising we have a negative one every now and then – we’re not afraid to admit it.  We are grateful for all reviews as we are still a relatively new publisher and want to know all about our audience…parents and children alike.

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