‘A brilliant twist, and one that had my seven year old in stitches!’ The Ish Mother cheers ‘Book-Ahoy’ for Lou Treleaven’s The Pirate Who Lost His Name

Bec at The Ish Mother has written a treasure of a review for Lou Treleaven‘s book The Pirate Who Lost His Name with illustrations by Genie Espinosa:

Pirate stories are always a winner with young children, and the eponymous but anonymous pirate in this book is a really likable character – his embarrassment at forgetting his own name is endearing, and you can tell that he is a very friendly pirate too as he goes to visit his friends on his quest. I won’t give the ending away but it’s a brilliant twist, and one that had my seven year old in stitches!

The writing is very witty, with lots of funny pirate names to get the little ones giggling, and the illustrations are a great match – colourful, over the top and full of quirky details to spot. Each pirate is drawn with great care to match their name and to make you laugh. My daughter particularly liked that there were female pirates too! I think the parrot was my three year old’s favourite character though, and a very expressive parrot it is! He loved finding him in the different illustrations.

If you have a pirate-lover in your family, or just a lover of witty words and funny pictures, then this book would be a big hit!

Thank you Bec!

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