Turns Out I’m An Alien

Author: Lou Treleaven
Cover Illustration: James Lancett
Format: 12.9×19.8cm, 204pp(tbc), pb
Publication Date: August 2019
AR Rating:
ISBN: 978-1-84886-425-2 (Buy)
Middle Grade

“‘My superpower is that I can turn into a slug, isn’t it?'”
“‘Technically it’s less of a superpower, more of an allergy.'”

Jasper’s life is as normal as can be until he discovers his foster parents have been withholding a massive secret from him: he’s actually an alien.
Suddenly he’s launched into a crazy outer space adventure with his foster sister, Holly, but the evil Andromedan emperor is closing in. Can Jasper liberate his home planet, the Milky Way and save his parents before the emperor gets there first?

The first book in our new middle grade range. Turns Out I’m An Alien is wonderfully written by the prolific author, Lou Treleaven, packed with humour and excitement!