The Great Snake Escape

Author: Izy Penguin
Illustrations: Izy Penguin
Format: 12.9×19.8cm, 128pp, pb
Publication Date: October 2016
AR Rating:
ISBN: 978-1-84886-229-6 (Buy)

There is a deadly snake on the loose in Pumperton and Lucy has been blamed for its release! With the help of her brother, Max, and their favourite grandparent, Grandma Bendy, they must go on a quest to find the snake, capture it and clear Lucy’s name. But can they do it before the whole town of Pumperton descends into chaos?

The much-loved Grandma Bendy returns in Izy Penguin’s very first junior fiction book. Grandma Bendy and the Great Snake Escape is sure to have you laughing at all the twists and turns.