Iguanas Love Bananas

Authors: Jennie & Chris Cladingbee
Illustrations: Jeff Crowther
Format: 26×26.5cm, 32pp, pb
Publication Date: October 2019
AR Rating:
ISBN: 978-1-84886-430-6 (Preorder)



Did you know that cheetahs like fajitas? Or that tufted puffins like blueberry muffins? Lots of animals are going bananas for their favourite foods, causing havoc and confusion to everyone around them! Can anything stop them?

Debut author duo, Jennie and Chris Cladingbee present a hilarious rhyming text, chock-a-block with lots of different animals and a diverse range of food! Lots of fun details for children to spot in the bright and colourful illustrations by Jeff Crowther.