Beware the Mighty Bitey

Author: Heather Pindar
Illustrations: Susan Batori
Format: 26×26.5cm, 32pp, pb
Publication Date: November 2017
AR Rating:
ISBN: 978-1-84886-284-5 (Buy)

Deep in the jungle, in the still waters of the Nippy Pool, listening, lurking, waiting, live the Mighty Bitey Piranhas! Mouse, Goat and Bear play some music for them but the Mighty Bitey have other, more scrumptious things on their mind!

The third book by whizz writer Heather Pindar, Beware the Mighty Bitey snaps readers up with its quirky humour and its devilishly good illustrations by Susan Batori. Author and illustrator reunite after their success with Strictly No Crocs for more jungle fun.