Arlo, Miss Pythia & the Forbidden Box

Author: Alice Hemming
Illustrations: Mike Garton
Format: 12.9×19.8cm, 144pp, pb
Publication Date: March 2019
AR Rating:
ISBN: 978-1-84886-405-4 (Buy)

“‘So what? She shares her name with some Ancient Greek priestess,’ said Daisy-May. ‘My surname is Bacon and I’m a vegetarian. It means nothing.'”

5P are back with a completely new teacher: Miss Pythia. Though she’s no Mrs Ogg, her strange prophetic visions and mysterious box are definitely not normal. Arlo is sure something else is going on and, when 5P are picked to take part in ‘Play in a Day’, they might finally find out just what exactly is in that box.

This is the second book in the Class X series. With another year comes another new teacher, and just like before, there is something mysterious going on. It’s up to Arlo to keep his class safe and unravel the mystery!