Picture Books

Below you will find our lovely picture books, with a diverse range of illustration and writing styles.  We like to think we have something for everyone, so sit back with a nice cup of tea (or coffee) and have a browse around our much loved titles.


Iguanas Love Bananas

It’s MY Sausage

The MOOsic Makers

The Spacesuit

I, Pod

Don’t Eat Pete

The Pirate Who Lost His Name

The Dog Detectives Lost in London

I Wish I’d Been Born a Unicorn


Not Yet a Yeti

Froggy Day

The Wondrous Dinosaurium


Not My Hats!

Bears Don’t Eat Egg Sandwiches

Game of Stones

Beware the Mighty Bitey

Daddy and I

Bonkers About Beetroot

Pirates in Classroom 3

Rooster Wore Skinny Jeans

Clumpety Bump

The Snugglewump

Hamster Sitter Wanted


How do you do, Mr Gnu?


Stone Underpants

As Nice As Pie

The New LiBEARian

Hedgehugs, Hide and Squeak

The Snowflake Mistake

Mine Mine Mine said the Porcupine

A Knit and a Knot

Mr Mustachio

Not Enough for Queen Fluff

George and the New Craze

Bossy Jonathan Fossy

Loud Daniel O’Dowd

Vain Dorothy-Jane

Nosy Tabitha Posy

Greedy Mrs MacCready

Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip

Hedgehugs – Hopping Hot

Strictly No Crocs

Not Without My Whale

Aerodynamics of Biscuits

As Quiet As A Mouse

A Box of Socks

A Gold Star for George

Horace and Hattiepillar

Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers


The Four Little Pigs

Preposterous Rhinoceros

The Dog Detectives in an American Adventure


A Scarf and a Half

Yuck! said the Yak

Bibble and the Bubbles

The Black and White Club

Cantankerous King Colin

Hocus Pocus Diplodocus

The Pet Itch

Grandma Bendy

Tamara Small and the Monster Ball

Princess Stay Awake

The Fearsome Beastie

The Bunny That Couldn’t Be Found

The Jelly that Wouldn’t Wobble

The Childe of Hale