Maverick Authors

Our authors are an essential part of our team and, of course, we wouldn’t be able to publish children’s books without them!  We work closely with our authors when we are putting their book together and, when published, we like to continue to support them in the promotional side. Many of our authors do events in shops, schools and in festivals.  If you would like one of them to take part in an event you are organising then you can either contact them through their own websites or by emailing:


Alex English


Alex grew up near Winchester and as a child loved reading books, such as Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton. She studied maths at University but after a career as an actuary she decided to retrain as a journalist and her love of writing grew!

She is now a proactive member of SCBWI and spends her time in Surrey writing books and looking after her two young sons.

Author of: Yuck! said the Yak, Mine! Mine! Mine! Said the Porcupine and Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers

  • Location: Reigate
  • Website: Link

Alice Hemming


Alice lives in East Hertfordshire with her two small children who provide lots of inspiration for her work.  She writes for children of all ages but is particularly passionate about picture books. Alice is fantastic at events and particularly enjoys visiting schools.

Alice is a proactive SCBWI member.

Author of: The Black and White Club, Gold Star for George, Bibble and the Bubbles, Robopop, George and the New Craze and Rickety Rocket

  • Location: East Hertfordshire
  • Website: Link

Alison Donald


Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Alison now lives in Farnham with her British husband and 3 young children.  She works as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist and has over 10 years of experience helping children with special needs reach their potential.

Alison has been writing stories since she was a child.  After years of scribbling story ideas on envelopes and scrap paper,  Alison finally joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI-BI) in 2014 and with their support, her writing took off.

Author of: The New LiBEARian and Pirates in Classroom 3

  • Location: Farnham, England
  • Website: Link

    Amanda Brandon


    Amanda Brandon lives with her husband and two children in Essex. She was born and educated in the county and spent 13 years as a newspaper journalist before turning to writing for children. She enjoys reading, writing and dancing (although has yet to try all three at the same time!)

    Amanda also admits to owning too many scarves and is teased for wearing one until the first signs of summer.

    Author of: A Scarf and a HalfA Box of Socks and A Knit and a Knot

    • Location: Essex
    • Website: Link

      Angela Mitchell


      Angela has a fantastic imagination with a great sense of humour. Her first book The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble was one of those rare gems of a submission which made our editor, Kim, laugh out loud.

      Angela has played an important part in the Maverick team and with over 40,000 copies printed, Jelly has to be one of Maverick’s bestsellers.

      Author of: The Jelly That Wouldn’t Wobble and The Bunny That Couldn’t Be Found

          Billy Coughlan


          Billy lives in a countryside village in Essex with her husband and two growing children. The family have a motley crew of ponies and dogs and Billy is never happier than when she is knee deep in muck. In fact, she claims this is where she comes up with her stories!

          Author of: Not Without my Whale and How Do You Do, Mr Gnu?

          • Location: Essex

            Cath Jones


            Cath’s whole life has been about books. As a librarian, teacher, editor, community gardener (vegetable story-time anyone?) and now a literacy tutor, she aims to inspire a love of books in everyone. As a child, her fascination with stories was encouraged by a wonderful English teacher (Miss Storey!) local librarians and an amazing children’s bookshop (The Lion and the Unicorn) where authors met their fans. Cath now loves sharing her own stories with children of all ages.

            She lives in Kent with her partner and a high maintenance cat. When not writing, she grows mutant vegetables on a windy allotment overlooking the sea.

            Author of: Bonkers About Beetroot

            • Location: Kent

            Clare Helen Welsh


            Clare lives in Devon with her husband and two children. She has over ten years experience teaching in primary schools – her colleagues say she never thinks small and when Clare says ‘I’ve got a good idea!’…they usually run and hide!

            It was in 2013 that Clare began putting her wild imagination to good use writing picture books. In 2013 she won The Margaret Carey Scholarship for Picture Book Writers and in 2014 she was awarded Silver Medal in the Greenhouse Funny Prize for her picture book, Aerodynamics of Biscuits, which is due to be published in September 2015.

            Author of: Aerodynamics of Biscuits

            • Location: Devon
            • Website: Link

              Elizabeth Dale


              Elizabeth Dale lives in a Sussex village and always dreamed of being a writer but somehow got side-tracked into doing a physics degree. When her children were born she returned to her dream and wrote short stories for magazines all over the world. But she enjoyed reading children’s books to her daughters so much, she tried writing them and absolutely loved that. She has had over 40 published, including 11 picture books, and has recently started writing Early Readers, which are great fun.

              Having seen the wonderful life she leads, sipping tea and gazing out of the window while thinking up ideas, two of her daughters have grown up to be children’s authors, too.

              Author of: Cool Duck and Lots of Hats and Izzy! Wizzy!

                Gary Sheppard


                Gary has always enjoyed writing since he was much younger and had significantly more hair! When he’s not working full-time as a copywriter, much of his spare time is spent researching picture books or developing his own ideas. He’s particularly fond of writing kids books, mainly in rhyming form, and his influences include Julia Donaldson, Roald Dahl, and Dr Seuss. Gary was born in 1973, lives in Northampton and is also a proactive SCBWI member.

                Author of: As Nice As Pie

                • Location: Northampton, UK
                • Website: Link

                Giles Paley-Phillips


                Everyone in the publishing industry knows Giles (or they should!).  Giles is a one man marketing machine and has done hundreds of events since his first book was published.

                He has three books published with Maverick and a couple with other publishers.  Giles loves to write in rhyme and his stories definitely become firm family favourites.

                Giles lives in Seaford with his wife, Michelle and their two sons, Elijah and Sonny.

                Author of: The Fearsome Beastie, Tamara Small and the Monsters’ Ball and Princess Stay Awake

                • Location: Seaford
                • Website: Link

                  Heather Pindar


                  After growing up in Yorkshire, Heather studied German at university, and then settled in London for many years. She recently moved with her partner David to live in Guildford where she can spend more time cycling and walking, and riding her cheeky grey horse, Finty.

                  Heather has over twenty years’ experience as a teacher; she currently works part time in a Primary School in South London. She finds the children’s brilliant imaginations and love of stories are her biggest inspiration for writing picture books.

                  Author of: Strictly No Crocs and Wishker

                  • Location: Guildford

                  Izy Penguin


                  Izy’s name alone points to her being a successful children’s author but more than that, Izy writes and illustrates!  Something many people wish they could do.

                  Izy lives in London and works freelance for top advertising companies.  She has a brilliant imagination and her first book, Grandma Bendy is definitely a favourite, with a title like that, what’s not to like!?

                  Author & Illustrator of: Grandma Bendy and Grandma Bendy and the Great Snake Escape

                    Jill Atkins


                    Jill lives with her husband in West Sussex, where she loves being near the sea. She has two grown-up children and five grandchildren. She used to be a teacher and now regularly helps in her local school.

                    Jill has loved books ever since she can remember and often read by torchlight under the bedclothes long after her mum told her to go to sleep. She has always enjoyed writing stories, and began storytelling when her two younger brothers were small. Her first book was published over 20 years ago and she’s had more than 70 books published so far, and counting!

                    Author of: Peck, Hen, Peck! and Ben’s Pet

                      Julie Fulton


                      Julie lives in Evesham and has been writing since childhood.  Her background is in music, which shows in her fantastic use of rhythm and rhyme.

                      She’s been with Maverick since 2010 and is definitely MD, Steve’s choice for ‘Phone a Friend’.

                      Julie has too many hobbies to mention but enjoys spending time in her allotment and on a narrow boat on the canals.

                      Author of: Greedy Mrs MacCready, Nosy Tabitha Posy, Vain Miss Dorothy-JaneLoud Daniel O’Dowd and Bossy Jonathan Fossy

                      • Location: Evesham
                      • Website: Link

                        Karen Owen


                        Karen loves books, drinking tea, and playing games (both real and imaginary). She writes for children, having been a journalist for 15 years until she got fed up of the facts getting in the way of a good story. She loves visiting schools, libraries and festivals where she spends a lot of time storytelling and dressing up in silly costumes.  Karen lives in London with her partner and two teenage children.

                        Author of: As Quiet as a Mouse

                        • Location: London
                        • Website: Link

                        Karl Newson


                        Karl Newson is a children’s author and illustrator from London.

                        He grew up in Norwich, Norfolk, spending his younger days making dens, roaming barley fields, and playing ‘up the prak’ (park), with the Norwich equivalent of the Goonies.

                        Karl enjoys writing, drawing, walking, music and biscuits.

                        Author of: Fum

                        • Location: London, UK
                        • Website: Link

                          Kimara Nye


                          As well as being the editor at Maverick, Kim has also had her own children’s book published.  The Four Little Pigs was originally published in 2010 but had a new edition come out in January 2015.

                          Author of: The Four Little Pigs

                          • Location: Sussex

                          Lou Treleaven


                          Lou has been writing since she could pick up a  pencil and spent her childhood making little books of stories and rhymes.  She is thrilled to be doing the same thing now and calling it her job!  She got the idea for Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip when the word ‘oojamaflip’ popped into her head, just like it did into Professor McQuark’s.  She loves writing in rhyme and will spend days searching for the right word, often muttering aloud to herself as she walks her dog.

                          Lou lives with her husband, teenage children, soppy dog and erratic cat.  She keeps a blog sharing resources and tips with aspiring authors, and also enjoys writing stage plays and musicals.

                          Author of: Professor McQuark & the Oojamaflip, The Snowflake MistakeLetter to Pluto, The Snugglewump and Daddy and I

                          • Location: Luton
                          • Website: Link

                          Phil Allcock


                          Phil is a biology graduate who decided to pursue his love of writing. He has had 40 short children’s stories transmitted on BBC and ITV, including six read by actor and singer Paul Nicholas on ‘Playdays’ and ten read by comedian and actor, Lenny Henry, on CBeebies radio.

                          Phil lives in Cheshire with his wife, Jan, and two children, Ben and Lauren – as well as a mad dog, Chester.

                          Author of: Cantankerous King Colin, Animal Magic and Clumpety Bump

                          • Location: Chester
                          • Website: Link