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‘A wonderful world of jelly, friendship and the courage to be yourself’ – My Book Corner Review of Jetpack Jelly (White Band Early Reader)

We are really grateful for a lovely review from My Book Corner of our White Band Early Reader – Jetpack Jelly by Alice Hemming and Emma Randall.

“The Space Place cafe is full of wibbly wobbly jelly. Spacey Stacey’s jelly is so popular she’s not sure she can deliver it all in time for her trip to Picnic Planet. Her robot friend, Timble, has a plan! He has created a jet-pack just for Stacey to make her deliveries super quick.

Stacey loves her new mode of transport, she can deliver her jelly so much quicker than she did before but when the jet-pack takes her off course and she gets tangled in a washing line, her friend Astro Pete comes to her aid only for them both to get stuck! Timble’s warning NOT to press the red button is in the back of her mind, but it could be their only way of untangling the mess they’ve found themselves in.

Does she press the button?

Can she get them both back down to Earth safely?

Alice Hemming creates a wonderful world of jelly, friendship and the courage to be yourself rather than hiding away. Emma Randall’s illustrations depict the story perfectly and were a joy to see as I turned each page.”

You can read the full review and many more on their website.

All of our Early Reader books can be purchased at Hive.

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‘These stories have heart and they have conflict’ – Book Murmuration review

We are really happy to get such detailed reviews from Book Murmuration about four of our Early Readers across multiple colour book bands. Mole in Goal, King Pong, Jetpack Jelly and Pirate Parrot and the Knit-wits are all favourably reviewed.

“The Maverick Early Readers have been designed to fit with the Institute of Education book banding system. This grades books by their language style, layout, and phonics. Now, I have conflicting feelings about reading schemes. On the one hand, they do wonders in teaching children the nuts and bolts of language. On the other, I worry that readers are grading themselves too early. I have heard young readers refusing to pick books from lower bands because they believe they have graduated from those stories.

So why did I agree to review a reading scheme? The Early Readers series presents such attractive art, and such appealing stories, that I hope it will encourage readers to revisit their old favourites long after they have moved on in terms of language skill. These stories have heart and they have conflict. I also noticed that the banding is done subtly. There is one small symbol on the front cover, but otherwise it looks like a standard book.”

You can read the full review here.

All of the Maverick Early Reader books can be purchased via Hive.

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‘Genuinely gripping and exciting stories’ – Madge Eekel review

We have received such kind words from Madge Eekel in their recent review about our Early Readers, Nanny Ninja, Scary Scott and Jetpack Jelly.

“Overall, reviewing these three books confirms my previous view that the ‘Maverick Early Readers’ scheme is a truly excellent series of books that can support children learning to read in both an educational and home setting.

Maverick Early Readers are a bright and attractive collection of books for guided reading. Edited by a leading educational consultant, they are designed around the Institute of Education book banding system to make it easy to identify the reading difficulty based on the language style, layout and phonics.

In place of the stilted language and contrived stories of many traditional early reading schemes, these are genuinely gripping and exciting stories that will provide a powerful incentive for young, and struggling, readers to find out what happens next.”

You can read the full review here.

You can order these titles here.

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The Wondrous Dinosaurium nominated for 2019 Children’s Book Award

Maverick Publishing are thrilled to announce that their book ‘The Wondrous Dinosaurium’ by John Condon and illustrated by Steve Brown, has been chosen by the children of the Children’s Book Award as one of the Top 10 books for the 2019 award (Younger Children category). Children from 250 school groups participate in the voting process and many children will attend the event to meet the authors at the ceremony on the 8th of June 2019.

This is the only children’s book award voted for entirely by children, the Children’s Book Award has a proud history of spotting children’s classics and future stars of the children’s book world.  It was the first UK national children’s book award to be won by Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling, Jacqueline Wilson, Korky Paul, Jeremy Strong, Rick Riordan and Suzanne Collins.

The Wondrous Dinosaurium is a quirky, hilarious picture book about the trials and rewards of finding the perfect pet. Danny’s Mum finally agreed that he could have a pet. But he didn’t want a puppy, a kitten, or even a parrot… Danny wants a dinosaur! Luckily a shop in town has every single one to offer and Danny is quick to pick one. Only keeping a dinosaur as a pet is not as easy as Danny thought.

Maverick Editor, Kim Nye commented, ‘We are very excited to have this wonderful book shortlisted and we are very proud of John and Steve for being nominated.’

The winner will be announced at the Award’s Day on Saturday 8th June in Kensington, London.


More information please contact: Publicity Team,

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“Lively illustrations by Mike Garton are a great complement to this quirky and enjoyable story.” – Parents in Touch review

We have received another great review from educational resource Parent in Touch about our new Junior Fiction book Arlo, Miss Pythia and the Forbidden Box written by Alice Hemming, which is book 2 of the Class X series.

“Lively illustrations by Mike Garton are a great complement to this quirky and enjoyable story.”

Thank you Parent in Touch team!

Read the full review here.

The first book Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo opened up a great adventure for Arlo and friends and we are excited to see what happens next in Arlo, Miss Pythia and the Forbidden Box. You can order these titles here.

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“Maverick Publishing has become synonymous with great stories” – Parents in Touch review

Educational resource Parents in Touch have posted a wonderful review about our new Junior Fiction book Teachers on Pluto by Lou Treleaven. We are excited to continue the Penpals on Pluto series with this third book:

“To me, Maverick Publishing has become synonymous with great stories – they are always excellent and Lou Treleaven’s Pluto series is brilliant in both story and presentation.

The stories appeal to both boys and girls and the format based on various forms of letter-writing has great appeal. It is also inspiring to encourage children to write letters and would therefore make a super class reader. A truly original story and such fun to read – letter-writing has its place!”

Thank you! Read the full review here.

You can read all three of the books in our Penpals to Pluto series: Letter to Pluto, Homework on Pluto and Teachers on Pluto by placing an order on Hive.

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‘Very appealing and we have no hesitation in recommending’ Topmarks gives top marks to Maverick Early Readers!

Education resource site Topmarks has just posted a fantastic review for our Early Readers scheme which reaches 100 titles in May:

There is a fantastic range of titles available, all with really charming illustrations and stories that will appeal to both boys and girls. Each book is well made, with sturdy paperback covers and printed on high-quality paper. We are impressed that the books are colour-coded with the book banding scheme, as developed by the UCL (University College London) Institute of Education, that is widely used in UK schools and libraries. The colours are indicated on the spine, front and back cover of each book, simplifying organisation and reading level identification.

Maverick Publishing have certainly put a lot of thought into planning their Early Readers scheme.

We found the Early Readers guided reading scheme very appealing and we have no hesitation in recommending it.’

Thank you! Read the full review here.

See information about all of the books in the scheme, order copies and download free audio files and activity packs here.

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More laughs and adventures for Arlo and class 4X coming in March!

Come, come the children of 5P,
Bring your little minds to me,
The door is open; step right in,
A new adventure will begin.

Arlo, Daisy-May, Nathan and the rest of class 4X (now 5P) are back with a completely new teacher: Miss Pythia, with her strange prophetic visions and mysterious box. They are selected to perform A Play in a Day … and of course they choose Pandora’s Box! But when things start to go wrong can they get back on track? And what IS in Miss Pythia’s box?

The hilarious sequel to Summer Reading Challenge 2018 junior fiction title Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo by Alice Hemming is coming in March!

Pre-order for a special price here

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‘I really enjoyed the book, it was funny and it made me feel happy’ Review of Homework on Pluto on Story Island Reviews!

A pupil, aged 9 years, from Ethelbert Road Primary School wrote this fabulous review of  junior fiction title  Homework on Pluto  by Lou Treleaven on Story Island Reviews:

‘This is a very funny book set in space and the story is told in letters sent between earth and Pluto. I really enjoyed the book, it was funny and it made me feel happy.’

Read the full review here.

You can order your copy here. You may also be interested in the first book in the series Letter to Pluto included in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge which you can order here and the forthcoming third book Teachers on Pluto coming out in March which you can pre-order here.


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‘A fun and engaging book with plenty of humor’ Kirkus Reviews samples Hamster Sitter Wanted!

Kirkus Reviews has continued its run of fantastic reviews for the US editions of Maverick picture books with a recent review for Hamster Sitter Wanted by Tracy Gunaratnam with illustrations by Hannah Marks:

‘Children will get a laugh out of the puns and visual jokes throughout the book. Gunaratnam infuses the text with simple but amusing wordplay, such as the “wound up” sheep babysitter, who is both frazzled and literally wrapped in yarn. Marks peppers her digitally collaged illustrations with details for children to notice, such as a pigeon looking on in concern as a fox reads the ad seeking a hamster sitter and a tailpiece in which two of the little hamsters construct pointy-hat “derrière defenders.” 

A fun and engaging book with plenty of humor.’ 

Read the full review here and buy a copy here

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