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‘I love this book’ Some great reviews from parents on Bizziebaby for Froggy Day and Not Yet a Yeti!

Froggy Day

‘I love this book. The thought and creativity that has gone into this book is brilliant. I love the pictures and the play on words. I love the simplicity of each page. And the physical quality of the cover and the books pages is beautiful. It’s big and bold, easy and quick to read and a lot of fun for my 4 year old. Absolutely 5/5.’

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Not Yet a Yeti

Neither of us have got bored of reading it yet. This is a great story presented in a fun way. There is an undertone of scary with the yetis, but not so much that she was scared. There was a good twist, with an underlying message. The ending wasn’t predictable.’ 

‘This is a really good story with a strong message and we both still enjoy reading it now as become one of Lizzie’s favourite books. Good quality, well written and lovely illustrations.’

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‘Perfect blend of familiarity for children and humour for adults’ Books for Topics enjoys a Froggy Day!

Books for Topics recently posted a cracking review for new picture book Froggy Day by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Barbara Bakos:
‘This picture book offers a perfect blend of familiarity for children and humour for adults too. The pictures are bright and the story is simplistic yet memorable and appealing to children from town and country alike.
However, it is the diversity of people such as Jan the female construction manager, which makes Froggy Day my kind of book. With the weather woman stating tomorrow looks to be ‘warm and bunny’, my fingers are crossed for a sequel.’
Thanks! Read the whole review here and buy a copy here
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30th Sheffield Children’s Book Awards announced tomorrow!

Steve and Kim have left for Sheffield and we are crossing all our fingers and toes here in the Maverick office for tomorrow’s announcement of the picture book winner! Our Game of Stones by Rebecca Lisle with illustrations by Richard Watson is on a shortlist of three.  Can’t wait to hear the result of the voting tomorrow!


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Advance copies of 10 new Early Readers publishing this month!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Have a look at the whole scheme on our dedicated Early Readers website here with free audio and activity pack downloads.

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‘Useful in early discussions about gender and sexuality’ Book Murmuration enjoys a tale of acceptance and self-discovery in Not Yet a Yeti

Louise at Book Murmuration wrote a fantastic review of new picture book Not Yet a Yeti by Lou Treleaven with illustrations by Tony Neal:

‘I loved this book. George *knows* he is a unicorn, knows with conviction, and his family love and support him. It is a book about discovering who we are and learning that people will love and support us no matter how we identify. It is clearly a book which would be useful in early discussions about gender and sexuality. Without being about those things, it helps children to understand that knowing deep down who we are is OK, even if it comes as a surprise to our family. 

I liked the idea of being a yeti as a choice – while some act ‘yeti’ without considering it, George knows that just isn’t him. This would be a lovely introduction to discussions about gender. How much of being a boy or a girl is fixed, and how much is about choice? About what we have picked up and learned along the way? 

There isn’t a negative moment in the story. It is an accepting, inclusive book which encourages young children to accept people for who they are. 

I also adore the illustrations – think snow, think rainbows and think yetis teasing the people who venture up the mountains. 

If you are looking for a narrative of acceptance and self-discovery, this one is perfect.’

Thanks, Louise! Read the full review here and buy a copy here

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‘Kid tested, teacher approved 5 stars!’ Book Addict samples some of our Early Readers publishing this month!

Book Addict has posted some lovely reviews, including from pupil readers, for four of the ten Early Readers we are publishing this month:

A lovely story with eye-catching illustrations, The Freezosaurus will appeal to dinosaur lovers everywhere.

Mahdi, age 8 says: When I read the first sentences, it started to hook me in.  I wanted to know what was going to happen to Freddie and Frozo.  I loved it so much I read it twice! I also really liked the cover and the title.’

‘Stunning illustrations and colourful vocabulary bring the Wild West to life in Cara the Cowgirl

Anjum, age 8 says: I liked this book because Cara is brave and faces Black Jake the robber.  She can cook and even knit a scarf while riding her horse too!  It’s funny too when Cara catches Black Jake with her lasso.’

‘This amazing tale is very modern and up-to-date in its story of Stella who is different from everyone else but not for the obvious reason of being in a wheelchair.  She is actually a superhero who has the ability to fly! 

8 year-old Roxie had this to say about Shooting Star: There was a girl named Stella who couldn’t walk but she could fly! She was a superhero! I really liked this book because Stella was just a normal girl, then she turned in to Shooting Star.  She saved the day and everyone was happy. I think everyone should read this book because it was just so good!’

‘This is a fantastic tale of friendship, determination and resilience.

Mahdi, age 8 had this to say about Rickety Rocket: Stacey had bullies who always picked on her and made fun of her old rocket. She felt bad but in the end she proves that bullies never win.  I really liked this book and wish I had a rocket like Stacey’s.

Kid tested, teacher approved 5 stars!’  See all 70 of the Early Readers and download free activity packs and audio files on our new website here

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Story Island Reviews super review of Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo!

A year 4 pupil from ETHELBERT ROAD PRIMARY SCHOOL wrote this fantastic review of the junior fiction 2018 Summer Reading Challenge story Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo by Alice Hemming, and illustrated by Kathryn Durst on the Story Island Reviews site:

One of the most heart-pounding moments in the book was at the rock pool as big as a swimming-pool. Ronnie was streaking on the rocks wearing pants that said Friday on them, even though it was Monday. Everyone was worried that he was going to jump in because this is where the Ichthyosaur lives and Ronnie can’t swim. He jumped in and Arlo counted in his head to 3 but he didn’t come out… read the book to find out what happened next!! 

If you like exciting, fun stories you should read it too.

My favourite part of the book was when the class saw all of the Dinosaurs. There were lots of different dinosaurs and one of them ate Paige’s hairband!

My favourite character was Arlo because he wrote things in his note book that were funny and he was brave.’

Thank you!

Read the whole review here and buy a copy here

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‘A story for our times’ Father Reading Every Day highly recommends Not Yet a Yeti!

Father Reading Every Day has posted a wonderful review for new picture book by Lou Treleaven with illustrations by Tony Neal, Not Yet a Yeti:

This is a beautiful little picture book that really does feel like a story for our times. A wonderfully written exploration of a hot topic that gently reinforces the positive message that it is ok to be different and ok to be yourself. This is something children need to hear and understand! The characters are both likeable and relatable, the story has an important message that it conveys without being preachy and the devine illustrations fill each spread with a pallete of blues and white. This is one we would highly recommend you add to your bookshelf!’

Read the full review here and buy a copy here


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2019 calendars available now!

We’re thrilled to announce that our popular British Wildlife Photography Awards and Amazing Vintage Sci Fi 2019 calendars are now available!

Buy the Wildlife calendar here and the Sci Fi calendar here

The perfect Christmas gift!

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Maverick Early Readers hit 80 titles!

The Maverick Early Readers scheme is growing by leaps and bounds! To add to our list of 70 Early Readers we are announcing the publication of 10 more titles on January 28th. These include titles from the orange, turquoise, purple, gold and white bands

Here is a sneaky peek at the covers!


Visit out dedicated Early Reader website here for more information!

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