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Review for Four Little Pigs from “Truth About Books”


Cute variation on “The Three Little Pigs” fairytale…

This entertaining adaptation of the original classic “The Three Little Pigs”, in which the story is turned on its head by the introduction of a fourth little pig in the guise of a magically altered little boy called Tom, is both fun and quirky.

four-little-pigs-coverColourful illustrations bring the story to life, as Tom visits his magical Grandmother, who happens to be a witch! But a nice witch, of course. Before settling down to sleep, Granny Mag suggests reading “The Three Little Pigs” to her grandson; only he’s not so keen. In fact, Tom thinks that reading is dull and that the story itself is boring because he’s heard it before. Mischievously, Granny Mag transports Tom into the story book – and from there, the story takes an extraordinary turn.
There really is little to fault in this charming little book. That said, we really wouldn’t have chosen the font it uses. A simpler, cleaner font would be far easier on the eye.

The Four Little Pigs brings a breath of fresh air into a well worn children’s fairytale, exemplifying how each of us has the power to create stories of our own – but for those of us without a magical Granny, we’ll just have to make do with using our imagination.

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Scott & Jake in the Evening Times!

evening times

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Get Ahead Fred Wins a Gold Award on Bizziebaby!

Bizzie Baby Gold Award

Bizziebabyis a website designed intentionally for mums and dads looking for in-depth product reviews online.  A Gold Award is given when three seperate reviewers decide that a book is a top quality product and one that parents must have for their children.  They must all give the book 5/5!

Daisy Dawes’  ‘Get Ahead Fred’ is one of these products!  Below are some select quotes from the three reviews:

Get Ahead Fred“Excellent book, superb quality and good value for money.  Would purchase and definitely will be recommending. An excellent book that Joshua enjoys listening to and enjoys looking at the pictures.” – Sheila Millis 5/5

“Kai enjoyed reading the book with mummy so much so that he asked me to read it to him every night. Kai loved the story about Fred and his many hats his favourite part is where the queen say’s off with his head!” – Maria Norvasia 5/5

“I would read this book to Naomi every day and she never tired of the story.  A superb book with fantastic illustrations and the story captivated Naomi.” – Carissa Taylor 5/5

 You can buy this award winning book on Amazon and in all good bookshops

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Scott in the Spotlight!

Jake and Dixie

Maverick author, Scott McIntyre has just had his book, Super Magic Lightning Boy featured in a host of different national newspapers and online. 

Here is some of the media from the last few days:


Daily Record

Scott has also got more articles in the pipeline, with his story to be featured in Women’s Weekly and Pick Me Up Magazine.

Available on Amazon and all good bookshops.

To buy online please click here

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Scott and Jake on Daybreak!

scott and jake

Scott McIntyre, author of Super Magic Lightning Boy was invited to feature on ITV’s Daybreak with his son, Jake.  Scott was fantastic and Jake looked just like a super hero in his Super Magic Lightning Boy costume.

To watch a clip click here

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Scott on Scottish TV Show ‘The Hour’

super jakeScott was in the spotlight again yesterday (27.1.11) this time on Scottish show – The Hour.  Scott’s son, Super hero Jake also flew onto our screens and then flew off again (he got called out on a super hero mission!)

Scott featured alongside the best selling author Julia Donaldson writer of the Gruffalo!  What an afternoon!

To watch the interview click here

Scott on the hour

To buy Super Magic Lightning Boy Click here!

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Scott in the Sun


Scott in the Metro and Daily Record

The Metro

Daily Record

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