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And more reviews!

The Fearsome Beastie is prooving a very popular book to review.  Read some more fantastic reviews below… 

Kim the Book Worm

Ollie was quite quiet when we read it, but when we got to the end, he yelled AGAIN, AGAIN at the top of his voice, which told me everything I needed to know really.  When we reached the end of the second reading, he wanted to read it AGAIN!  I asked him what he liked about the book and he said he loved the pictures and when we read it a third time he had also laughed and remembered the rhymes and joined in with some of the words.  He said he thought it was very funny!   Not a bad recommendation really from a three and a half year old!  Read more

The Book Worm Reads:

The story is superbly illustrated by Gabriel Antonini, in a style that reminded me of another famous beastie, ‘the Gruffalo’. The beastie is scary, but not so scary that children would be too frightened to look at the book. The expressions of fear on the children’s faces is well-captured and Granny is a great character with her big bloomers.

All in all, an entertaining, well-written and beautifully illustrated book that deserves to be a bed-time favourite. Read more

Madhouse Family Reviews:

5/5 – Some books automatically make you put on a silly voice when you read them to the kids. The Fearsome Beastie is one of them ! I don’t know if it’s because it’s all written in rhyme or because of the great expressions on the characters’ faces in the illustrations but I couldn’t help putting on scary voices that had the kids squealing with laughter. Read more


The Fearsome Beastie is a fun picture book. It brings to mind fairy tales and other familiar stories, where monsters are after children…The writing is clear and direct, with appropriate vocabulary for those either side of being able to read for themselves. The rhythm of the couplets is strong throughout, allowing a skilled adult reader to really sell the drama of the storyRead more


Peace, Love and Reviews

5/5 – The story is written in rhyme that makes my son so happy, it is illustrated by Gabriele Antonini. My son described his work on this book as “cute”, “fun” and “colorful”. When we finished reading the book, his first words were; “That was weird and I think it would be kind of scary for younger kids but I love how the grandma with the axe saved the day”. We both enjoyed the book, the story, the facial expression drawn on the children’s face and how the monster looks like.


If you would like to buy this book click here – if you are a reviewer and would like to review this book click here.

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Mrs MacCready Bookbag Review!

“It’s a glorious romp of a book in bright, vibrant colours and written in the sort of rhyme which will have you singing along. It stands several readings, even by an adult, because there’s just so much to notice in the illustrations. Look out for the cat who’s obviously wondering if he’s going to end up on the plate at some point! Forget all about whether we should be making a point about how much (or little) people eat and treat this as a wonderful joke taken as far as it would go. Don’t look for a moral in the story – just enjoy it!”  (read more…)

Reviewed by Sue Magee (the Bookbag)

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Please Bear’s Birthday – Bookbag Review

Reviewed by Sue Magee

(the Bookbag)


“I loved the illustrations in this book”


 Read the full review by clicking here.

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Another Good Review for Fearsome Beastie

“Well, The Fearsome Beastie. This book started off a bit scary but it rhymed well (so important) and I’m used to story books, so I settled in my chair .

After scaring the children The Fearsome Beasite started to cry because he had no one to play with. Ahh, I thought just my cup of tea, children should include everyone not be put off because they look different. But NO! Irreverent author Giles Paley- Phillips pulls a fast one. This is a dark, scary tale after all. Beastie is wicked! Anyway along comes Granny to sort him out…

…To be honest…I was a bit shocked by the old fashioned macabre quality of this tale. HOWEVER I adored the expressive illustrations, it rhymed and scanned beautifully and most importantly…….my six year old son thought it was FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and as that is exactly who Giles is writing for and who matters. I think my son is certainly the best one to review this not me!”  – Becky Goddard-Hill

  Click here to read the full review.

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Maverick Books To Sell in Australia

Maverick Children’s Books in the UK has chosen Alpa Books to represent them in Australia. The books will be distributed by Macmillan from the beginning of August.

Maverick was launched in 2009 and has been slowly building its title list of children’s books – they now have 22 titles in publication.

The partnership will see some of Maverick’s flagship titles being tested in the Australian market. Andrew Easton, MD of Alpa Books, is confident in Maverick’s range of ‘delightful books’.

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Beastie Book Reviews

Well here at Maverick we can barely keep up with all the fantastic reviews coming in for Giles Paley-Phillips’ The Fearsome Beastie!

So here are a select few from the last few days…





 Dayton Book Examiner “When I first saw the cover…it brought to mind my childhood memories of telling creepy stories around the campfire. When I was a child I was constantly on the lookout for books that could give me goosebumps, even before I was able to read them myself. For children like me, this book would have made the perfect bedtime story.

…The illustrations in this book are beautifully done. They are colourful and cheery, but with a spooky edge to suit the story itself.

If you know a child who likes monsters and spooky stories told with humour and wit, “The Fearsome Beastie” would make a great gift.”  Read more


Satin’s Bookish Corner – “Ok I don’t normally do children’s books but when I got asked to take a look at this one I was shocked at how much I liked it. It was a lot darker than most children’s books but I think that’s good, it’s moving with the times, I know this is a good thing because I have two children one aged 6 and one aged 11 and both children loved it…It was really well written. I’d buy any of his other books for my children…So what are you waiting for, go buy it.”  Read more



JoSquare Book Reviews – … THE FEARSOME BEASTIE by Giles Paley-Phillips imparts the lesson that things are not always what they appear to be…Children are stalked by a monstrous creature resembling a cat’s fur-ball dipped in SCRIP ink. Of course, this takes place at night…

…The book is written as a collection of rhyming quatrains. I find that this format makes the story roll from the eyes to the mind as encapsulated ingredients that are smoother than prose…The story itself is not era-bound as many fairy tales are. But, the illustrations suggest a pre-industrial society–every house heated by a fireplace. The artwork (Gabriele Antonini) is deftly executed…

THE FEARSOME BEASTIE does it’s thematic job beautifully!


Authors Reviewing Authors –  “The Fearsome Beastie…is an absolutely awesome and amazing work!…In Phillips, we have the Grimm brothers and Dr. Seuss all rolled up into one fantastic writer!

…the wonderful quatrains keep children attentive and wide-eyed, but not really afraid…Phillips language is always age appropriate…Personally, I think teaching children to be wary of friendly talking strangers is a good thing in today’s world.

…This artwork does a wonderful job of working with the rhyme to create that fun kind of scary that children love so much.”   Read more – Written by Vickie Adair


Stories for Children Magazine – “This is a great fantasy-type story for kids with a happy ending. Perhaps the lesson that the author wants to leave with the readers is to follow their intuition and not allow others to trick them into believing something that isn’t the case. The girls and boys knew that the beastie was dangerous. If they had only followed their intuition, they would have averted real danger. This book should be read with parent supervision as there are scary sections.”  Read more.


To buy this Fearsome Book Click here!

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Sonny the Sea Tractor Sees Stars

Loretta’s book ‘Sonny the Sea Tractor’ has been seeing lots of stars on the Amazon website. There are 12 reviews and all are 5* reviews! Here’s a few of the comments…




 -Asolutely Wonderful!

-A charming read that captivated both my kids

-Sonny the Sea Tractor..A must buy book!!!,

-Great childrens book

-This book is fantastic!

-My nephew’s favourite book…EVER!!!!,

-This Book is a real page turner!

-This is a wonderful beautifully illustrated book

-simply charming!

-The new favourite

-Sonny rocks!,

-A wonderful journey for a developing child

-Asolutely Wonderful!

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We would like to introduce you to…

A little bit ahead of schedule, our five new titles are now hitting the shelves today! And, for a small, independent children’s publisher like ourselves, this is a pretty big deal.

We care passionately about our authors and producing high-quality picture books that children are going to enjoy for generations to come, and we are very proud of our new titles.

To celebrate we will be introducing each of our new titles on Twitter, Facebook and here on our media blog throughout the next couple of weeks.


To join in the action on Twitter you can find us here as @Maverickbooks. We’ll be using the hashtag #mavintros for all tweets about our newest titles.

Find and like us on Facebook (click here) and we’ll be able to keep you up to date with all our news, events and competitions as well as being able to introduce to you our splendid new titles.

We always love to chat so feel free to join in!

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Fearsome Beastie in the Primary Times

The fearsome beastie is searching for something to eat and the children are at the top of the menu. Will they be fooled by the fearsome beastie and his clever tricks? The Fearsome Beastie is a brand new title by poet Giles Paley-Phillips. Written in rhyme, this story is reminiscent of the cautionary fairy tales of the past but with a happy ending! Primary Times love this book, it is a great story and the illustrations are fantastic, all young children will love to read this book, although maybe not at bedtime…..

To buy this book, click here!

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Dog Detectives Tour in the Bookseller

All systems go in the office, gearing up for the publication of five new books plus organising the Dog Detectives Tour – where authors Fin & Zoa are crossing the pond to do a bicycle tour around England, with their dogs Jack and Poco Loco (stars of the Dog Detectives series!).

So to start the ball rolling, the Bookseller has published an article on the tour…

Ok, so the tour is nine weeks and not nine months – but what a fantastic start to what we hope is going to be fantastic summer fun!

You can follow their current journey, US Tour, on their blog website, by clicking here (or there is a button on the left side of your screen).

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