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Lost in London Reviewed by the Library Mice

Thank you to the Library Mice for the fantastic review of Lost in London – it was a lovely thing to read on a Monday morning.

Here is slightly shortened version of the review  (you can read the who review here):

Lost in London is a really sweet book which I think will be really enjoyed by its targeted audience. The text flows well with some lovely rhyming sequences. The artwork is vibrant and offers a detailed yet child-friendly portrayal of central London.

…this is a gentle, well-pitched introduction for a younger audience. Little readers are encouraged to help find the ravens by trying to work out what the riddles mean as well as look for clues by looking more closely at the illustration. This will create not only interaction with the story but also with the adult readers, as they collaborative try to work it out.

…I think Lost in London will also be a fantastic book if you are planning to take young children to London for the first time….In fact, there is a double spread full of London facts at the end of the book, which I thought was really well done.

Lost in London is a fun, entertaining read, and well worth having a look as an introduction both to London and to the detective genre.”

To buy this fantastic book, click here.

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Please Bear Reviews

Review by Debbie Ludford (@debbieludford)

“Published on beautiful paper that makes turning the pages a pleasure…Read this book to a small selection of 6 year olds and hope fully instilled a little of the importance of the use of good manners…All the Bears bring talking points to the book and the children started to say that the bears shouldn’t scream or moan and that it is in fact very rude. Made referring to the book when the children had ‘little episodes’ easy for them to see how we too can be like the bears and how it’s not nice. Also made pointing out the nice things that children can do so much easier.

A wonderful book that helps show how nice a child can be.”

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Armadillo: Words and Pictures

It isn’t often that our books are reviewed alongside each other…So when Please Bear’s Birthday (our only pre-school book) was put against Mrs MacCready and the Fearsome Beastie it didn’t bode well.

Words such as “overtly moralistic” were mentioned once or twice in reference to Please Bear’s Birthday, but this does not deter us, as the old fashioned values actually make this series popular with grandparents (the first book sold out of its first print run!).

But the review did improve with the “big, bright and funny” Mrs MacCready, where Julie, the author, was described as “accomplished”. 

The reviewer, emphasises the importance of good flowing rhymes and strong, vibrant pictures that catch a child’s attention and holds it.  Very informative.

To read the full review/article for yourself, click here.

With so many good reviews for these three books, it’s not surprising we have a negative one every now and then – we’re not afraid to admit it.  We are grateful for all reviews as we are still a relatively new publisher and want to know all about our audience…parents and children alike.

To review one of our books, please get in contact through the form on the contact page.

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Lost In London – Reviewed by ‘Book Reviews for Mums’

“Dog Detectives – Lost in London is such a fab book, it is the story of some ravens playing hide and seek and going missing! Everyone is worried for London for if the ravens go missing the kingdom could crumble according to legend. Good job the dog detectives get on the case.  This is a delightful story of two dogs searching for the missing ravens. Their search takes them all over London and they describe all the most significant landmarks as they go. It’s a great way for kids who have visited to relive what they have seen or just to share this glorious city with a child.

The pictures are wonderful: full of humor, London features, funny dogs and foxes. The riddles and little poems delight and this really is a lovely little book.  A great souvenir form a trip to London or prior to going.”  – Becky Goddard-Hill

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The Baby Website Reviews… The Fearsome Beastie

Well we were seeing stars in the Maverick office after discovering the reviews on the  Out of eight reviews, only one had less than full amount of stars.

Here’s a few of the comments…

“I think the book is definately value for money and im sure we will be seeing it grow ever so popular in the shops!” – James

“This is a brilliant book and we have read it at least once a day, usually more, since we received it. “  – Catherine

“Would keep any age child entertained” – Amanda

“I have to say when i 1st got this book, i was slightly aprehensive as it did seem quite a scarey book [for my son]…but i couldnt have been more wrong.
He really seemed to take in the concept of this book, which is Stranger Danger. He loved the little twist at the end { wont spoil for anyone thinking of buying} and thought what the Granny did was very cool.” – Debbie

“My 4 and a half year old loved this book so much that he made me read it three times in a row! … My favourite childrens Author at the minute is Julia Donaldson who wrote “The Gruffalo,” and “The Fearsome Beastie” is a very similar kind of book! “  – Alice

“it had to be read 3 times in a row in case she [Bethany] had missed anything.”  – Charlotte

“The story was a wonderful surprise, with a twist which then twists itself!” – Alison

“The Pictures are lovely, so nice in fact that my 19 month old wouldn’t let us turn the pages until she had pointed out everything.”
 – Dawne

All the reviews are definetly worth reading – so if you want to read the full reviews, click here.

Or if you convinced already, you can buy the book by clicking here.

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Four Little Pigs App Reviewed!

“This funny app for iPad is more than an ebook (or e-story), it’s an interactive application that allows you to touch the illustrations.

It’s also an audio book because if you don’t want to read it by yourself you can listen to it narrated by a professional narrator.

The app includes 2 surprises for you: a puzzle game….and a “connect the dots” game”

To read the whole review, click here.

Thank you for the review.

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Dog Detectives Gift Set Review!

Fantastic Review for the Dog Detectives Gift Set  from Our Book Reviews Online.

Reviewed by The Mole 

This is a gift set of 3 Dog Detective Books

The Dog Detectives are Detective Jack and Deputy Poco Loco and each story sees them in a different part of the world doing their bit to save the day. With each page being a full colour picture that is bright and cheerful and with plenty to talk about if it is being read to a child. The whole presentation of these books make then excellent early readers for children to read aloud or alone. Each story is written with rhyme, alliteration and prose. At the end of each book is a ‘facts’ section that tells something of the facts about each story, things about the place that are mentioned in the story, so they can be used to teach a little and act as a discussion catalyst as well. Really good, fun books that can be bought individually or as this gift set.

 The Maryom’s Comment:

Great, fun books for young readers. Brightly coloured with engaging stories

To buy this gift set, click here!

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Giles Paley-Phillips on the Radio!

Author of the Fearsome Beastie, Giles Paley-Phillips was recently invited to do an interview on Radio Sovereign.

To hear his interview click the icon below…

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Maverick Author Made Patron of ‘Family Support Work’ Charity

Giles Paley-Phillips, author of the Fearsome Beastie, has recently been made a patron for the FSW (Family Support Work), which is a fantastic charity that helps families across Giles’ home county of Sussex.

If you want to find out more please visit their website by clicking here

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BookBabblers Reviewers Recommend Maverick Books

Two great reviews came up over the weekend from BookBabblers.  One for the Fearsome Beastie and the other for Please Bear’s Birthday.

The Fearsome Beastie – reviewed by Wendy

“…A useful message for children to be wary of friendly talking strangers…The illustrations in this book are colourful and cartoonish depicting a spooky beastie and children with frightened faces in a fun sort of way. This artwork does a wonderful job of working with the rhyme to ensure a fun scariness that my children loved.”  Read more

Please Bear’s Birthday – reviewed by Wendy

“We have previously read Nice Bear Naughty Bear so my children were very pleased to receive Please Bears Birthday and instantly recognised the nice and naughty bears… The illustrations are in a lovely watercolour style and very illustrative of the rhyme.

This is a lovely book to read to children and it is also a great way of discussing manners and my children use the term nice bear or naughty bear now when talking about behaviour.”  Read more


To add these books to your children’s collection, click here for the Beastie and here for Bears

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