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Kimara Nye at Downsend School

As part of Downsend School’s Book Week, Kimara Nye was invited to read ‘The Four Little Pigs’ to the children.

Although the event was in January, we have just received the newspaper clippings and so wanted to share them…

Article from Leatherhead Advertiser


Front Page of the Surrey Advertiser

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Listen with Maverick

Children’s book iPad apps are fantastic for interactivity but not everyone can afford an iPad –and that’s exactly why we’ve launched Listen With Maverick. In a return to classic, Jackanory-style storytelling, Listen With Maverick website lets children focuses on the words and pictures, allowing them to take in the details. All distractions are removed, as the background of your computer screen fades away. And, so that everyone can enjoy all the illustrations the book has to offer a pan and zoom tool gives you movement around the book.

Listen with Maverick is launching with The Four Little Pigs, written by Kimara Nye. The story is a twist of a traditional fairy-tale, which makes a perfect bedtime story.

You can watch the ‘Lite’ version for free by clicking here. To buy the full-version click here.

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Nice Bear Naughty Bear Wins Bronze Bizzie Baby Award

Nice Bear Naughty Bear has won a bronze award with three very nice reviews from Bizzie Baby review site.

Here are a few quotes from the reviews:




“I loved the size, illustrations and quality of the book. The text is also clear to read so it’s simple for children to understand and follow.”

– Stacey Hunter – Maisy & Lewis Ages 4 & 6 Years


 “Chloe liked the book and was interested in it straight away; she started reading it herself and enjoyed it a lot. She liked the story and enjoyed the different personalities.”

Amanda Byrne – Daisy-Mai & Chloe Ages 3 & 6 Years


“…the quality of the book is impressive and the illustrations inside the book were more appealing to a three year old when compared to the front cover…It sparked conversations about manners, thoughts and feelings and also the importance of being kind to others. My overall impression of the book is that it is very thought provoking, explores emotions and it gently highlights consequences of behaviors, very ideal.”

Clair Tucker – Eloise 3 Years

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World Book Night!

There’s lots happening in the publishing industry this week, what with World Book Day (yesterday) and World Book Night (tomorrow). Maverick believe that books are precious and powerful things so these events are a great way of sharing your favourite books.

On World Book Night a million books are being given away for free…So even more reason to get involved!

We would love to give away hundreds of our books but we simply can’t.  Nicola Morgan , an author, thinks that World Book Night should be about buying a book to give away – why not? A book is a fantastic gift for any age group.

To take another step further wouldn’t it be lovely if World Book Night was more child friendly?  World Book Day has been very successful at schools etc but isn’t really celebrated in the home.  So perhaps World Book Night should also be about bedtime/nighttime and parents taking the time out of their busy schedules to sit down and read to their children?

However you celebrate – I hope you have a good World Book Night!

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Maverick Arts Publishing in the Bookseller


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Princess Chloe: Norwich Evening News


Princess Chloe: Norwich Evening News

Here is some quotes from the press release:

“Norfolk schoolgirl Ellie Hitchcock-Wyatt is enjoying the sweet, sweet taste of success as a published author – at the age of just 12.

Ellie’s new book, Princess Chloe and the Sugar Bun Fairies, is a fairytale with a modern twist involving colourful characters made entirely from doughnuts, sweets and icing, and is already on the shelves of bookshops across the country.

On October 28 she will be reading extracts of her sugary story to customers between 12 noon and 3pm – and signing copies – at the Castle Street branch of Waterstone’s in Norwich as a special half-term event.

More than 30 Waterstone’s UK branches are currently stocking the book.”

-Ian Bullock

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Shevon Burrows: Three Counties Radio


Peggie Sue Can’t Find the Loo and Sushi my Sausage Dog

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On 23rd March Shevon was on the Three Counties Radio talking about her books and her experiences as a Writer/Illustrator.

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Loretta: Child’s i Foundation


Loretta donated a signed copy of Sonny the Sea Tractor to Child’s i Foundation.

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Get Ahead Fred: The Liverpool Echo and in the WirralGlobe

Liverpool Echo

Wirral Globe

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Shevon Burrows in the Watford Observer

shevon watford observerShevon had coverage for her book tour with three different newspapers.  These include:

  • Watford Observer
  • St Albans Observer
  • Brighton Evening Argus



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