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Sparkle’s Song: New Book Reviews

To be published in February, Sparkle’s Song is already receiving some great reviews.   Here is two of them…

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18

“I don’t get many children’s book to review but when I do I jump all over them. This was one that not only appealed to me but also to my kiddos, as well it should. A tale of loss and coping with change, Sparkle finds joy in the world again after the loss of her parents. A wonderful story with pictures that drive the imagination to new heights. A winner for my kids. Therefore a winner for me.”  (full review) – Review by Sweetly Reviewed


“I haven’t read a picture book that’s made me cry in ages, until yesterday evening when I read Sparkle’s Song by American author, Samantha Hale. This truly is a beautiful book which deals with loss, love and the magic of music…
Sparkle’s Song is an enchanting tale and one that will make grown ups (like me) shed a tear. The author, Samantha Hale is a film maker who directed Map the Music – a film about the power music has over people. I delighted over the fantastic element of the musical instruments being “alive”. Just think about it for a second – a piano, guitar, tuba, banjo, whatever does come to life when played and can trigger the most overwhelming emotions and surface the most treasured memories. 
The beautiful illustrations by Mariana Ruiz Johnson makes the book a wonderful gift to give to any child and one that will be cherished for years. I can’t wait to see copies on bookshop shelves and window displays.” (Full review) – Reviewed by Nina Koo-Seen-Lin, who works for the publisher of Vogue Magazine.


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Fearsome Beastie Shortlisted for the Rotherham Book Award

It has just been announced that the Fearsome Beastie has been shortlisted for the Rotherham Children’s Book Awards with only two others in the picture book catagory!

‘It is the 12th year for the Rotherham Children’s Book Awards. It began in 2000 as a Carnegie Shadowing Project. Since then the award has become bigger and better, with more children and schools participating and sharing their love of reading every year. In 2011 over 40 schools attended the awards ceremony, from children’s centres to comprehensives, along with many others working with the books within schools.’

The schools then work with the shortlisted books and then at the Award Giving Ceremony the children can display their work related to the books.

This is a fantastic award that helps promote reading and interaction with books.

We wish Giles all the best and we will be keeping our fingers crossed until the winner is announced in June!

For more information about this award, click here!

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Amazon Reviews for the Fearsome Beastie

We love reading the Amazon reviews for our books, as we know most of these come direct from people who have bought the book.

We especially love the reviews when they are like the following one for the Fearsome Beastie:

“It’s been a while since I read such an engaging kid’s picture book. It came to my attention as a nomination for The People’s Book Prize. Giles Paley-Phillips put a modern twist on the old Red Riding Hood tale and throws in a bit of stranger danger, something we want to teach our kids: caution. The Fearsome Beastie is an engaging story from the very first line–the story is written in a pleasing rhyme meter, iambic pentameter, I think, a la Dr. Seuss. The illustrations are gorgeous and will hold the interest of the child reader, as well as an adult. The monster is well-drawn and reminiscent of several scary images from my childhood; it’s a cross between several monsters in my 60s pop culture upbringing. Though the story is very suspenseful, it is, after all, a kid’s story, so the happy ending is satisfying and delightful, with Grandma as the heroine. The book is beautiful and brilliant. Recommended! Five stars!”

— Eve Paludan

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Avril Lethbridge and the Nice Bear Naughty Bear App

Author of Nice Bear Naughty Bear and Please Bear’s Birthday, Avril Lethbridge, has recently had some publicity with the launch of her new app ‘Nice Bear Naughty Bear Reward Chart’, developed by NBNB.  A fantastic aid for parents in teaching children about good behavior.

The app is a reward chart for children.  To find out more, click here.

Avril has had an article published in Huffington post (click on banner to read):

And on the BBC website:

If you have an iphone or a ipad please download the app (from here) and review it.  There are even some new bears to discover (or create your own!).

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The Fearsome Beastie Trailer!

A fantastic trailer for Giles Paley-Phillips book ‘The Fearsome Beastie’.

Illustrations by Gabriele Antonini
Animations & editing by Angie Thomas

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Our Book Reviews: The Four Little Pigs

“We have all read stories to our little ones for the umpteenth time and felt like deviating from the plot. Perhaps Jack falls from the beanstalk and can’t climb up…Well that is what Kimara Nye has done here she has made the story fun for adults again as well as the children. The wolf gets a few new nasty shocks as the pigs become wise to all his moves.

Beautiful pictures paired with simple dialogue that makes it a really fun bedtime reader – with a twist. Come On – we need more of them!

Maryom’s comment – A delightful, alternative telling of The Three Little Pigs, one I would have loved to have shared with my toddlers.”

Our Book Reviews

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Giles on Hastings Radio

To listen to Giles’ interview on Hastings Radio click the image above.

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The Fearsome Beastie Wins An Award!

The Fearsome Beastie by Giles Paley-Phillips has just come highly commended in the first annual Forward Literature Awards, beaten to first place by Lee Wardlaw’s Won Ton published by Henry Holt & Company.

The competition is judged by a panel of experts.  To find out more visit their website by clicking here.

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The Fearsome Beastie Makes Front Page

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Great Grizzly North Gets Reviewed

“I particularly like the way that bikes and Western Canadian animals (anthropomorphic) come together in this book. I am of course biased toward bicycles and animals, but I think this was a well balanced approach. Many of this type of books get sidetracked by trying to be too many things, this one avoids that by keeping to a single story line and not introducing too many superfluous characters. The illustrations to a fabulous job of filling in some of the back story to keep the narrative from getting too ponderous. This is a nice children’s story with a fun tone.” – Doug

For the full review, click here

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