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Competition time! Win Early Readers with The School Run

3 lucky winners will each win a set of 6 Early Readers. Enter on The School Run website here! But don’t delay as the competition ends on August 6th!


At the end of August Maverick will have 40 titles in the Early Reader scheme, 5 in each of 8 colour bands. All ratified by the Institute of Education and featuring fun stories and vibrant illustrations with key words, points for discussion, suggested activities, quizzes and more!

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‘A stylish and appealing option for schools’ Teach Primary reviews Maverick Early Readers!

Teach Primary has reviewed Maverick’s Early Readers series in the Book Club section of its current issue, 11.5

‘Banded and ratified by the Institute of Education, Maverick Early Readers are a stylish and appealing option for schools looking to expand their range of material for new readers.’

About yellow band book Izzy! Wizzy! by Elizabeth Dale  Helen Mulley said: ‘A funny, magical tale… Louise Forshaw’s fresh, lively artwork adds brilliantly to the humour; and similarly successful partnerships characterise every title in the series.’

Izzy Wizzy Spread 1 LR RGB JPEG

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‘A winner and a book which will be read many times’ Wonderful review from The School Librarian for Stone Underpants

The School Librarian published a fantastic review of Stone Underpants by Rebecca Lisle and illustrated by Richard Watson in their latest Summer issue.

Stone Underpants spread LR RGB JEPG

‘It is a book which works on many levels, showing us how important it is to celebrate differences and diversity while also dealing with the issue of jealousy. I read this to my three year old granddaughter while we were out for a family meal; she loved it so much that she asked me read it again, as soon as I got to the end.’

Buy a copy of the book here

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Some fantastic reviews from primary school readers for Maverick Early Readers!

We’ve been thrilled to receive some lovely reviews from primary school students using our Early Readers scheme recently:

‘Yes please may I can have some more’

‘I liked it when there was a big bubble with writing in capital letters inside it’

‘It was beautiful and bright’

‘I like the quiz at the back of the book because it’s really fun and helpful’

See the full range of Early Readers here

We’d love to hear from other young readers or primary schools using the scheme!

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‘We are always delighted when we receive a package from Maverick books. The girls always rush to open up the wrapping to discover what is inside.’

Leyla and her two daughters at This Day I Love recently reviewed our latest picture book offerings, The Snugglewump by Lou Treleaven and illustrated by Kate Chappell, and Wishker by Heather Pindar and illustrated by Sarah Jennings!

‘The Snugglewump is a very emotional tale written with beautiful rhymes.  The Snugglewump is not like the other toys and feels unloved.  The story which follows highlights how important each of us are and that we are all loved.  I think this is such an important message to highlight to children and love the way it has been delivered in this story.’
Wishker COVER
‘My eldest daughter likes to read this book to her siblings and to herself.  The story helps to highlight the reason why getting everything you want is not always a good idea.  It certainly has made the girls think!’
Read the full review here
Buy a copy of The Snugglewump here and a copy of Wishker here


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‘A great way to enhance reading at home’ This Day I Love reviews Maverick’s Early Readers!

Leyla at This Day I Love and her youngest daughter recently reviewed a selection of Maverick’s Early Readers:

‘My youngest daughter has been reading these books on an evening and enjoys the stories.  The illustrations are bright and colourful and help to engage her in the story.  She has used her phonics knowledge to help her read the books and they have proven to be a real hit in the evenings.  I think they are a great way to enhance reading at home in addition to school reading books and gives my daughter a choice as to what she wants to read.’


Next month there will be a full 40 titles across 8 colour bands!

Read the full review here

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‘A great series’ The Butterfly Mother reviews Maverick’s Early Readers!

The Butterfly Mother and young aspiring reader 4 year old Caterpillar enthusiastically trialled our lower-banded Early Readers recently. At the end of August we will have a full 40 titles across 8 colour bands!


About the two pink banded books Laura said: ‘High frequency words are also listed at the beginning, along with helpful illustrations to demonstrate.  The simple story then follows, with one line per page accompanying a lovely illustration and sometimes speech bubbles too.  Even though my son is nowhere near reading yet he has shown an interest in words and often asks what things say etc so this was a new type of reading experience for us where by I pointed to each word as I read it to help familiarise him.’

About the red banded books: ‘Obviously very short and simple, the stories still had a very clear plot and are fun and humorous.  The repetition is really useful too.’

About the yellow banded books: ‘Again, the stories are really cute.  In Izzy! Wizzy!, Izzy is a wannabe magician who wishes for lots of items which don’t come quite true, it’s only when she uses “please” with her wish does she get what she wants (a lesson I’m still trying to drum into my son). I love the realistic storyline of Can I Have My Ball Back? and the surprise invention at the end.   The quizzes at the end are a great touch – my son loves doing them.’

Read the full review here and enter the competition to win a set of 6 Early Readers!





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‘Two lovely titles’ Wishker and The Snugglewump reviewed in the latest issue of Armadillo Magazine!

Armadillo Magazine has reviewed Wishker and The Snugglewump in its latest issue! ‘Two lovely titles for little children to enjoy, vibrant, funny and easy to read and share stories.’

Snugglewump LR spread2

The Sungglewump by Lou Trevelean, illustrated by Kate Chappell, is a rhyming story that children will be clamouring for at bedtimes as it will make them feel warm and snuggly and ready to sleep, just be warned, multiple readings night after night will be required!’

Wishker Spread 2 LR RGB JPEG

‘Whilst Wishker by Heather Pindar, illustrated by Sarah Jennings, is the clever title for a story which teaches children that to wish for things is not always the answer.  Your wishes can sometimes come true and the reality may not always be what was expected!  A good story for sharing with children who are not always as patient and understanding as they ought to be!’

Read the full review here

Buy The Snugglewump here and Wishker here

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‘Has a charm that will engage very young children quickly’ The Bookbag reviews Wishker!

The Bookbag has just posted a fantastic review of Wishker by Heather Pindar and illustrated by Sarah Jennings. Thanks, Sue!

Wishker COVER

‘From its appealing cover onwards this story has a charm that will engage very young children quickly. The illustrations are lovely; busy with plenty to look at and recognise yet clear and vibrant too. Parents will be quick to recognise the manner and type of requests that Mirabel constantly makes such as sleepovers for all my friends and pleas for unsuitable pets. The subliminal message that being granted all that you want may not always be the best option is conveyed well and appropriately for the target audience. This is both clever and fun. A lovely picture book.’

Read the full review here.

Buy a copy here.

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Lou Treleaven will be reading at the London Bridge City Summer Festival, 19th July, 1:30 to 2:15pm!

Lou Treleaven will be reading Letter to Pluto to children from Snowsfield Primary School as part of the London Bridge City Summer Festival at the lawn library, Hay’s Galleria on Wednesday July 19th from 1:30 to 2:15pm.


Letter to Pluto COVER LR RGB



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