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More laughs and adventures for Arlo and class 4X coming in March!

Come, come the children of 5P,
Bring your little minds to me,
The door is open; step right in,
A new adventure will begin.

Arlo, Daisy-May, Nathan and the rest of class 4X (now 5P) are back with a completely new teacher: Miss Pythia, with her strange prophetic visions and mysterious box. They are selected to perform A Play in a Day … and of course they choose Pandora’s Box! But when things start to go wrong can they get back on track? And what IS in Miss Pythia’s box?

The hilarious sequel to Summer Reading Challenge 2018 junior fiction title Arlo, Mrs Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo by Alice Hemming is coming in March!

Pre-order for a special price here

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‘I really enjoyed the book, it was funny and it made me feel happy’ Review of Homework on Pluto on Story Island Reviews!

A pupil, aged 9 years, from Ethelbert Road Primary School wrote this fabulous review of  junior fiction title  Homework on Pluto  by Lou Treleaven on Story Island Reviews:

‘This is a very funny book set in space and the story is told in letters sent between earth and Pluto. I really enjoyed the book, it was funny and it made me feel happy.’

Read the full review here.

You can order your copy here. You may also be interested in the first book in the series Letter to Pluto included in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge which you can order here and the forthcoming third book Teachers on Pluto coming out in March which you can pre-order here.


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‘A fun and engaging book with plenty of humor’ Kirkus Reviews samples Hamster Sitter Wanted!

Kirkus Reviews has continued its run of fantastic reviews for the US editions of Maverick picture books with a recent review for Hamster Sitter Wanted by Tracy Gunaratnam with illustrations by Hannah Marks:

‘Children will get a laugh out of the puns and visual jokes throughout the book. Gunaratnam infuses the text with simple but amusing wordplay, such as the “wound up” sheep babysitter, who is both frazzled and literally wrapped in yarn. Marks peppers her digitally collaged illustrations with details for children to notice, such as a pigeon looking on in concern as a fox reads the ad seeking a hamster sitter and a tailpiece in which two of the little hamsters construct pointy-hat “derrière defenders.” 

A fun and engaging book with plenty of humor.’ 

Read the full review here and buy a copy here

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‘A delightful story that discusses the power of overcoming mistakes’ Manhattan Book Review is charmed by The Snowflake Mistake!

US review site Manhattan Book Review has published a glowing review for the US edition of The Snowflake Mistake by Lou Treleaven with illustrations by Maddie Frost:

Little readers will love the story of Ellie and her snowflake solution. Charming and adorable, The Snowflake Mistake takes readers above the clouds and into an ice palace built for making snow. Lou Treleaven and Maddie Frost bring this rhyming, lyrical read together with cool, vibrant, artistic illustrations to make problem-solving a fun adventure. A fun book for mothers and daughters, this story highlights the importance of working parents and responsible children, as well as underscores what is truly important. A delightful story that discusses the power of overcoming mistakes, in a fun, artistic way. Complete with a snowflake-making tutorial, this is a great read for home or classroom.’

Read the full review here and buy a copy here


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‘We loved it. Buy it!’ From Baby to Brontë reviews Froggy Day!

We’ve just spotted a lovely review for Froggy Day by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Barbara Bakos at From Baby to Brontë:

This is a funny, silly story and we loved it. The play-on-words works perfectly, and there’s lots of onomatopoeia and speech to read out in funny voices. We’ll definitely be reading this again, and I’ll be taking it in for my new class at some point! Buy it! (Resisting the urge to say ‘hop to it’….)’

Thank you! Read the whole review here and buy a copy here

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‘Like a ray of sunshine’ High praise for new Turquoise band Early Reader The Oojamaflip

Sarah at My Book Corner has posted a wonderful review for new Turquoise band Early Reader by Lou Treleaven The Oojamaflip:

Lou Treleaven’s fantastically named book takes us on journey with our favourite professor as the reader considers what is needed to invent – a vivid imagination, an eye for science and sheer determination. With Julia Patton’s illustrations brightening up our literary world and detailing Professor’s inventions in a fun and informative way, this book is like a ray of sunshine.’

Thanks, Sarah!

Read the whole review here.

Find information about and order all of our Early Readers here (with free downloadable audio files and activity packs).

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New space adventures from Jon and Straxi coming in March: Teachers on Pluto!

First came Letter to Pluto, then the Summer Reading Challenge 2019 title Homework on Pluto and now we are excited to announce the publication of the third book in the Penpals on Pluto series by Lou Treleaven, Teachers on Pluto!

I can’t wait to start at Flumpenslurp Blurble School as they do weird subjects like Packed Lunch Studies and Grow Your Own Friend. Straxi says they even have a class robot…’

Jon’s teacher Mrs Hall has taken over as Temporary President of Pluto and is busy making some new laws (which suspiciously resemble school rules….). Meanwhile the Snargler Spotters’ Society is scouring the Pulsating Swamp for the escaped rare Snargler 192. Join Jon and Straxi for more interplanetary adventures!

Publishing 28 March. Pre-order for £6.45 here

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10 new Early Readers publishing in March!

We are delighted to announce that we will be publishing 10 more new Early Readers on the 28th March!

These include titles in the higher purple, gold and white bands, bringing our list of Early Reader titles to 90. In May we will publish a further 10 to take the scheme up to 100 books!

Visit our new Early Reader dedicated website where you can find free downloadable audio files and activity packs!

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New picture book by Alison Donald The Spacesuit to celebrate the moon landing 50th anniversary this year!

We are excited to announce that we will be publishing a new picture book by Alison Donald (fab author of AdoraBULL and The New LiBEARian) to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this year! Inspired by real people and events, The Spacesuit follows Ellie, a young seamstress, who was part of a group of women who helped create the first spacesuit to withstand space.

Here’s a delightful sneaky peek at the cover and some of the spreads by the talented illustrator Ariel Landy:


ISBN 9781848864283  £7.99  36 pages

Watch this space for more information about this book!


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‘A smashing children’s story’ Linda’s Book Bag reviews new purple band Early Reader!

We’ve spotted a lovely review from Linda’s Book Bag for new purple band Early Reader Wishker by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Sarah Jennings which was published just this week:

I thought the range of punctuation was very skilfully handled so that question marks, exclamation marks and ellipsis are naturally exemplified enabling emergent writers to see how they might be used. There’s a super use of language too with a little word play in ‘Purr-haps’ and great onomatopoeia, but with accessible and familiar vocabulary to give children confidence in their own writing and reading. The questions at the end of the book enable adults to check children’s understanding and they provide a lovely opportunity for adults and children to discuss and share together.

There’s a clear moral to the story too with Mirabel learning that you have to be careful what you wish for and not to be too greedy.

However, those educational elements aside Wishker is a smashing children’s story in its own right. There’s a great plot, with humour and relationships woven through it. The illustrations by Sarah Jennings are simply wonderful. They are bright, colourful and interesting. I can see that they would afford lots of opportunity for counting, identifying and sharing.

I thought Wishker was a smashing children’s story.’

Thanks, Linda! Read the full review here and order a copy here.

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