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The Wondrous Dinosaurium to be the focus of the SCBWI book club meeting at Waterstones in Piccadilly!

SCBWI members  and those who are interested in joining are in for a treat on Tuesday September 11th from 7 to 9pm at Waterstones in Piccadilly when there will be a fantastic book club meeting!

The group will be discussing picture book The Wondrous Dinosaurium by fellow Scoobie, John Condon and illustrator Steve Brown. Our very own Maverick MD Steve Bicknell will also be there!

For any picture book writers or illustrators, this is a great opportunity to chat to these special guests about their experiences of the publishing industry.

For more information about SCBWI have a look here. Buy a copy of The Wondrous Dinosaurium here

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‘Will leave children desperate for the next installment’ Book Murmuration applauds Dino Wars: The Trials of Terror!

Louise at Book Murmuration recently posted a fab review for Dino Wars: The Trials of Terror, the second book in Dan Metcalf’s Dino Wars series which is publishing in September:

Dystopia can be suitable for very young readers. Dan Metcalf has proved this with Dino Wars, a series set in a future in which humans and dinosaurs live together and a reactivated bio-weapon threatens to wipe out all dinosaur life. This is the second book in the series. 

Like all great dystopia the children see signs of ruined civilization all around them – ruined cars and huge rubbish dumps. It is so important for children to start questioning how they treat the world from an early age and dystopia is way into these issues. The stories are suitable for very young children. While they touch on deep issues the primary goal is to save the good dinosaurs.

These adventures will leave children desperate for the next installment.’

Thanks, Louise! Read the full review here

Pre-order a copy here and look out for more adventures in 2019!

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‘A deliciously appealing set of banded reading books’ Chez L’Abeille reviews new Early Readers!

Primary school teacher Cathy at Chez L’Abeille recently reviewed two of our new yellow and blue band Early Readers publishing this month:

One of the longest standing debates in the teaching of reading must be the reading scheme vs. “real books” one. Over nearly 35 years of being involved in the teaching of reading, this one has rumbled and rumbled. Being a realist, I was always aware that the barrier to reading a published picture book independently lay in the complexity of the written words and this remains the main stumbling block.

Maverick have grasped this nettle and are building a deliciously appealing set of banded reading books which combine both the aesthetics of a picture book, yet have the graded vocabulary required to match a child’s developing decoding skills. The colour bands used to grade the books are derived from the “Book Band” system, developed by the Institute of Education, and used widely in schools to match books across the many existing schemes. I’ve been a long-standing devotee of the book bands, as they give teachers a short hand system for judging the relative difficulty of a book. In my day job I work with primary schools and this includes the moderation of reading assessments in Reception and Year. At times like this, being able to judge a book by its cover comes in very handy!’

About Jim and the Big Fish (yellow band) by Clare Helen Welsh she said:

It is a charming story with a seaside setting…. There are simple sentences and speech bubbles which feature easily decodable words, perfect for the developing reader. The usual quiz is at the end of the book to support recall skills.’ 

About Little Scarlet’s Big Fibs (blue band) by Katie Dale she said:

‘This is based on the traditional Red Riding Hood story but with a great twist that will get children laughing! There is an increase in the number of sentences on the page, which will build reading stamina, but the reader is still supported by decodable words to help fluency. Small illustrated clues also give the reader information about just what Little Scarlet is up to and why Granny isn’t getting her treats. 

Once again the high production values and quality of the writing shine through in both books and I think these are a great addition to the Maverick Early Reader scheme.’

Thanks, Cathy!

Read the full review here.

Buy copies of the Early Readers here.

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Good news for parents: Maverick Early Readers available to order from Hive which supports local bookshops!

Parents who want to support their child’s learning to read and love of reading will be thrilled to learn that all 60 titles in our Maverick Early Readers reading scheme are available to order from Hive Books.

Order online and have the books delivered to your home or nominate your local bookshop as a pick up point.  The bookshop receives a small amount of every sale on the site.  What could be more wonderful than supporting your child’s reading at the same time as supporting independent bookshops? Great news for everyone!

Place your Early Readers order at a discounted price of £4.99 each here



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‘Great book for instilling a love of reading in young children!’ Teacher gives top marks to new yellow and blue band Early Readers!

Year 4 Class Teacher Mrs Wylie has posted a wonderful review for two of our new 10 yellow and blue band Early Readers (publishing 28 August) on her book review blog Addicted to Reading:

This book is another offering from Maverick Early Readers Series. It is a charming little story with bright, colourful illustrations designed for readers who are beginning to read on their own.  A great book for instilling a love of reading in young children!’

Eye-catching illustrations and easy read text for developing readers, this book is sure to make kids want to read. Teachers and parents alike will also enjoy Sid’s story.’

Thank you!

Read the full review here and buy copies from The Hive here. You can order online and collect from your local bookshop. The Hive supports independent book shops!

There are 60 titles across 8 bands in the Maverick Early Readers scheme.


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‘Perfect for school or home’ New Early Readers get the thumbs up from Linda’s Book Bag!

Linda’s Book Bag posted a wonderful review of two of our 10 new yellow and blue band Early Readers publishing at the end of August this week:

Both books are beautifully produced. They are just the right size for young children to handle and have the perfect length to keep focus and attention without overwhelming. The use of repetition helps reinforce the sounds and spellings in the vocabulary and there is sufficient challenge so that new words can be learnt too. The stories are fun and interesting.

The balance of text to image is just right. The images are really lovely as colours are vibrant and eye-catching with a style children can relate to and will love. As well as promoting literacy, both book have excellent value in other areas of the curriculum. Oracy and memory are helped by the small quiz sections at the end of the books and in King Carl and the Wish in particular, numeracy and counting to five are woven throughout the story. I can envisage The Pop Puffin as a brilliant way in to project work or Forest School activities for example, as children learn about different birds.

I thought The Pop Puffin and King Carl and the Wish were just delightful. They’re fun, vibrant, educational and entertaining. This series is perfect for school or home and children will love the books.’

Thank you, Linda! Read the full review here.

There are 60 titles in the Early Readers scheme. Libraries and schools can buy them from all good wholesalers and educational suppliers.

Parents can order them from Amazon, The Book Depository or through Gardners Hive which enables online ordering and collection at a local bookshop of your choice.


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‘Children will love the energy of this book’ The School Librarian gets EGG-cited about Bears Don’t Eat Egg Sandwiches!

The Summer 2018 issue of The School Librarian carries a wonderful review of Bears Don’t Eat Egg Sandwiches by Julie Fulton with illustrations by Rachel Suzanne:

‘The text is eye-catching and arranged around the cheerful illustrations for maximum impact. There are some lovely language choices that children will want to use themselves in retelling and writing – cavernous, roared, bellowed, howled. Children will love the energy of this book, where the excitement and suspense builds as Jack is in increasing danger of being eaten. A very entertaining read.’

Buy your copy here


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‘Wonderful, inventive lateral thinking’ The School Librarian gives top marks to Game of Stones!

The School Librarian Summer 2018 issue carries a lovely review of Sheffield Book Award shortlisted title Game of Stones by Rebecca Lisle with illustrations by Richard Watson:

The illustrations are full of humour and emotional detail. Fantastic title. Wonderful, inventive lateral thinking. Fun and chuckles. Delightful conclusion. This book will appeal to a wide age range.’

Buy your copy here and buy the first book in the series Stone Underpants here




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Maverick Early Readers in Afrikaans in a special book bundle deal for today only!

Frans at Fantasi Boeke, the fabulous South African publisher who has published a number of our titles in Afrikaans, has alerted us to the activities of one of their top customers.

For today only – 31 July 2018 – they are offering 8 of our Early Reader titles in Afrikaans in a special Children’s Educational Book Bundle priced at R299, 25% off the retail price of R400!

What a great idea!

Have a look at this offer here

Check out all 60 of the Early Readers in English here

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‘Really cool’ Devon Life reviews Dino Wars!

Annette Shaw reviewed Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors by Dan Metcalf with illustrations by Aaron Blecha in her Bookshelf page of the August 2018 edition of Devon Life:

Dan’s fan base is 7-9 year olds. Despite my best efforts with posh Night Serum I do look older than that but still thought the book was really cool, particularly if you like dinosaurs. These creatures may have reclaimed Earth but now a dormant biological weapon has been triggered…and the delicate peace between dinosaurs and humans is at stake. Dan from Devon has written for radio, screen and magazines but is best known as the author of The Lottie Lipton Adventures.’

You can buy a copy here and look out for the second book in the series Dino Wars: The Trials of Terror out in September which you can pre-order here

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