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‘A great guided reading program’ Topmarks highlights new higher band Early Readers!

Topmarks has just published a blog about our new higher band (purple, white and gold bands) Early Readers:

‘With the help of a great guided reading program, children can make fantastic in-roads to becoming passionate readers.

As for all the Maverick Early Readers, all 10 of the new releases are bright, lively stories with charming illustrations to really help engage youngsters. The titles are sure to appeal to both girls and boys.’

Read the blog here and visit our Early Readers website here to see all the titles in the scheme, order copies, and download free audio files and activity packs

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‘I can’t recommend these Early Readers highly enough’ The Merry Bookworm review!

Lorraine at The Merry Bookworm has posted a fab, very thoughtful review of some of our most recent Early Readers:

Regular visitors to the blog will know that I am a huge fan of Maverick’s Early Reader books. They are everything book-banded reading schemes should be (but are so often not…): full of entertaining, boldly-illustrated and inclusive stories, which not only help children to learn to read, but more importantly encourage reading for pleasure right from the outset. I was delighted, therefore, to receive some of the latest Early Reader releases from the lovely people at Maverick, albeit not as excited as my son, who literally whooped for joy when he opened the parcel and dived straight in…

The Little Green Monster by Jill Atkins and illustrated by Daniel Limon – Purple Band
This is a brilliantly entertaining and funny story, with the underlying message that while it’s good to try hard and do your best, it’s also OK to make mistakes. Aside from really enjoying the story, my son also loved the bold and expressive illustrations.

The Magic Music Box by Katie Dale and illustrated by Giovana Medeiros: Gold Band
With inclusive characterisation and a touch of magic and sparkle, this engaging story encourages children to persevere, follow their dreams and pay kindness forward. My daughter squirrelled this book away shortly after it arrived and it has remained in her room ever since. As she has been a ‘free reader’ for over a year now, it shows that these stories appeal to more confident readers too, not just to those on book-banded schemes.

The Coach, the Shoes and the Football by Katie Dale and illustrated by Ellie Oshea: Gold Band
The story is a clever, modern take on the Cinderella fairy tale, which will appeal to boys and girls alike. It also has a subtle, underlying message that it’s important to tell an adult you trust if you are not being treated kindly. 

The Time Train by Jenny Jinks and illustrated by Letizia Rizzo: White Band
We all loved this pacey, time-travelling adventure, with trips to the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt and the Future. It’s an exciting, action-packed story: both children loved spotting the ‘changes’ made to history and we had fun following the antics of Letizia Rizzo’s stowaway caveman!

The Detective Club: Buried Treasure! by Elizabeth Dale and illustrated by Kelly O’Neill: White Band
This is an entertaining and satisfying adventure story, with echoes of The Secret Seven. We enjoyed trying to figure out who was the perpetrator of the crime, and the children were very excited to eventually find out that it was a dastardly grown-up! It did make me smile when Hugo said, with a shake of his head, “Crime never pays, Mummy…”

If you are looking for book-banded stories for your children, then I can’t recommend these Early Readers highly enough.’

Thank you, Lorraine! Read the full review here and learn more about the whole scheme on our dedicated website here with free audio file and activity pack downloads and links to ordering these and other titles in the 100 title series.

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‘Readers will be swept along by the unfolding drama’ Red Reading Hub review of Turns Out I’m an Alien

Jill at Red Reading Hub has just posted a lovely review of Lou Treleaven‘s latest middle grade fiction title publishing at the end of this month Turns Out I’m an Alien. The book is also part of this year’s Space Chase themed  Summer Reading Challenge!

‘I’ll say no more other than that Jasper discovers his alien origins, the children are cascaded into a madcap space adventure to save a planet from the terrible Emperor Iko Iko Iko; there are secret agents, secret, secret agents and things get pretty Gloopy.

Entirely crazy, but readers will be swept along by the unfolding drama, which perhaps doesn’t actually end at The End.’

Thanks, Jill!

Read the full review here and buy a copy at 20% off  here

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Calling all literacy teachers: New free Teacher’s Guide now available!

To accompany our 100 title strong Early Reader banded reading scheme we have published a 160 page Teacher’s Guide which gives details on how the scheme is built with a page on each book band with the full criteria. It also goes into more detail on the different levelling used, such as Lexile and AR Rating.

If you are interested in a free copy of the guide please send an email with your full address details to

There are also free downloadable audio files and activity packs on our dedicated Early Reader website here

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‘Every bit as good as the best standalone books for emerging readers’ The Chicken Knitters gets a big thumbs up from Madge Eekal Reviews!

Madge Eekal Reviews has just published a glowing review of The Chicken Knitters (published 28 March 2019) a gold band Early Reader by wonderful storyteller Cath Jones:

The Chicken Knitters is a ‘Gold Level’ book in the Early Reading Scheme from Maverick Arts Publishing. I’ve now reviewed a handful of the books from this scheme… and I’ve been impressed by the quality and originality of the stories. However, this is the first time that I’ve singled out one book from this series to review separately. This is because The Chicken Knittersis every bit as good as the best standalone books for emerging readers.

Let’s start with the story itself. I loved everything about this from the slightly silly central premise to the details author, Cath Jones, incorporates. For example, when Lilly finds the barn is locked, she uses the handy knitting needle tucked behind her ear to get in. And, when she sees the chickens shivering, she immediately sets about knitting them some cosy chicken-sized jumpers. Her knitting skills also shape the plot and the climax when nasty Farmer Claw is defeated – yes, you’ve guessed it – by a trap Lilly and her friends have knitted!

While the story is light-hearted and instantly appealing, I also liked the way it subtly raises awareness around the issue of cruelty to battery chickens. The underlying theme about the triumph of good over evil is also always good for this age range.

As this is part of an early reading scheme the language is carefully selected to fit the book’s grading, but this is by no means obvious when reading this book. Instead, the text flows well with lots of interest that keeps the reader wanting to read on. The structure of the book into five distinct chapters is also shaped by the reading scheme but, again, this works well and gives the feel of a real ‘grown up’ book.

The full colour Illustrations by Sean Longcroft are clear, lively and colourful and complement the text well, giving clues to help the child decipher any unfamiliar words and aid their reading.’ 

Thanks, Madge!

You can order a copy of this title here or view all of our Early Readers (including several others by Cath) and download activity packs and audio files here

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Maverick launches new Non-fiction Early Readers with the publication of the first 3 titles in June!

Following on from the success of the 100 title strong Early Readers scheme we will be launching a new series of Non-fiction Early Readers starting with the first three titles publishing on the 28th June:

Dress to Impress (gold band) by Jake Macdonald uses alien tour guides Finn and Zeek to explore the different clothes humans wear.

Woah! What’s the Weather (turquoise band) by Jake Macdonald uses alien tour guides Finn and Zeek to discover some facts about the weather on Earth.

Wild and Wacky Animals (purple band) by Jake Macdonald uses alien tour guides Finn and Zeek to find out about some of the Earth’s weirder animals.

Like the fiction Early Readers these new titles are book banded for guided reading by the Institute of Education. Each title uses a clear font with text on a white or dyslexia-friendly colour background.  Includes a quiz, glossary and index at the end of the book.

Each title is priced at £5.99 and is 32 pages long.


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Something tasty is coming for all pug and troll lovers!

We’ve got a delicious new picture book publishing at the end of June which will appeal to all troll and pug fanciers!


Don’t Eat Pete! by debut author Sue Walker with engaging illustrations by Carlo Beranek tells the story of cute little pug Pete and his blue warty puppy-sitter Uncle Boll the troll. Boll is under strict instructions ‘Don’t Eat Pete!’ but like all trolls he certainly loves his food… and Pete looks pretty tasty. A rhyming storybook which will delight and enthrall every young reader!

Available to pre-order here

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‘Yo ho ho and a bottle of orange squash!’ Quirky new pirate picture book hits the shelves this month!

Love pirates? And parrots?  If you think you’ve read every pirate picture book on the high seas and know every pirate who’s ever drawn a yo ho ho breath… well, we have some hidden treasure for you, matey!

The Pirate Who Lost His Name by master storyteller Lou Treleaven with brilliant illustrations by Genie Espinosa is a pirate story LIKE NO OTHER!

Meet some boastful pirates including our favourite Captain My-hook’s-bigger-than-your-hook, some bearded pirates, some romantic pirates, Captain Dreamboat whose best friend is his mirror and even Captain Anorak with his special One Thousand Favourite Pirate Postcards Scrapbook!

We guarantee this will become your top pirate spotting book!

Publishing 28 May. Pre-order your copy here

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Maverick Early Readers hit the magic 100!

Our innovative and popular reading scheme is about to hit 100 wonderful titles with the publication of 10 more titles on the 28th May:

Check out all the books on our dedicated website here

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A sneaky peek at four new hardbacks publishing in the US Fall 2019!

We have our new line up of picture books publishing in beautiful hardback editions Fall 2019 distributed by Lerner  Books!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

The Spacesuit by Alison Donald with beautiful retro illustrations by Ariel Landy will be published for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on the 18th June. It has already earned a special starred review from Kirkus Reviews who called it ‘an outstanding contribution’

You can pre-order this book from Lerner here

The other three books will be published in September and October.

To see a list of Maverick titles already distributed by Lerner Books visit their site here

To buy the UK editions click on the title below

The Spacesuit
Froggy Day
Not Yet a Yeti

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