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‘A really fun book for dino-lovers’ The Ish Mother and Ezra check out The Wondrous Dinosaurium

The Ish Mother and two year old dino-fanatic Ezra recently read and reviewed our new picture book publishing on 28th May, The Wondrous Dinosaurium by John Condon and illustrated by Steve Brown:

The Wondrous Dinosaurium Cover LR RGB JPEG

This is a really fun book for dino-lovers. It combines a funny and fantastical story with facts about dinosaurs, in very readable prose. I loved how Mr Ree’s speech uses rhyme and rhythm to lift the text and raise a chuckle: “I have chewy ones, slurpy ones, licky ones and burpy ones.” The illustrations are full of colour and detail, managing to create very accurate depictions of all the different dinosaurs while still making them fun and friendly-looking. Danny does find his pet in the end but it may not be one you’ve heard of – in fact I had to Google it to check it was real!

If you’ve got a little one in the peak dinosaur madness phase then they will love this book. And it may even tempt back an older child who thinks they’re too old for dinosaurs now!’

Thanks, Bec and Ezra!

Read the full post here and pre-order here

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‘Delightfully daft tale’ Red Reading Hub reviews Not My Hats!

Not My Hats Cover LR RGB JPEG

Jill at Red Reading Hub recently posted a cracking review for Not My Hats! by Tracy Gunaratnam with illustrations by Alea Marley:

With its plethora of outrageous headwear, this delightfully daft tale that moves in and out of rhyme, demonstrates that language is fun, sharing is best and friendship better than standoffishness.’

Thanks, Jill!

See the full review here and buy a copy here


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‘Diverse and interesting’ The Learning Hub reviews our latest Graphic Readers!

The Learning Hub at the Institute of Education, University of Reading, has given a fabulous thumbs up for our new Graphic Reluctant Reader series:

‘The Graffix readers are engaging, short, comic style stories thoughtfully structured to support struggling readers and help build their confidence. A walkthrough section at the beginning provides context that can help readers feel familiar with and therefore more prepared to approach the main text, while the quiz-like questions at the end offer a fun way to check understanding and develop inference-making skills.

The brief, accessible blocks of text combined with fantastic, clear illustrations ensure an appealing read and although told simply, the stories are diverse and interesting. We particularly love the Helix series that features superhero teenagers battling evil Chayos robots, the cliffhangers at the end of each volume had us quickly moving onto the next!’

Thanks, Louise!

Read the full post here

Buy copies here

Look out for more books in the series coming August 2018!

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Win a copy of Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors in the Chrikaru Reads competition!

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Calling all dino enthusiasts:

Book reviewer Chrikaru Reads has three copies of the new Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors to give away in a competition this week!

The competition closes on the 28th of April and you can enter here

Good luck!

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Copies of the new Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors up for grabs! Nominate your favourite class now!

Attention classes and schools who love to read and review new books:

Dino Wars 1 website banner RGB

We are offering 30 free copies of Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors publishing next week to a couple of schools for a whole class review of the book!

Interested? If you would like to nominate a class/school please do get in touch! Email to give us details of your nomination with a short statement of why you have made the nomination. Good luck!!

Find out more about the book here

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‘Great book for any dinosaur-mad 7+ year olds who like a bit of adventure’ Chrikaru Reads reviews Dino Wars!

Dino Wars Rise of the Raptors Cover LR RGB JPEG

Chrikaru Reads has just posted a great review for Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors by Dan Metcalf with illustrations by Aaron Blecha:

This would be a great book for any dinosaur-mad 7+ year olds who like a bit of adventure with some minor peril and a great sense of humour.

What I liked: Dag and Adam’s friendship, the determination of their group as they face and overcome obstacles. Dinosaurs are always good! The fast pace of the story also felt quite exciting and kept me turning the pages as quickly as I could.

Even better if: I imagine that the fact pace will be popular with younger readers but, as an adult reader, I had lots of questions about the world they’re in – I want to know more! This would be a great springboard for discussion in the classroom as there is space for children to fill in the spaces with their own imagination, possible creating their own Dino Cities…

How you could use it in your classroom: This would be a great read-aloud or could be recommended to children who have previously enjoyed Beast Quest or something similar. Some of the themes in the book (such as friendship, resilience etc) could be drawn out with extracts used to kick-start discussions or other activities in PSHE. As mentioned above, this would be great for sparking creative discussions or writing work. In age 7+ classrooms this will spend very little time in your book corner as it will be so popular.’

Thanks, Christina!

You can see the full review and enter the competition to win a copy of the book here


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Fab new trailer on YouTube for Dino Wars publishing 28th April!

Have you seen the new trailer for Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors by Dan Metcalf with illustrations by Aaron Blecha?

Have a look here

What is there not to love about talking dinosaurs? It’s exactly the sort of adventure I had always wished I could go on as a kid! Dino Wars is not only pre-hysterical, it’s a thrilling romp through the future!
Andy Briggs, author of, Tarzan series and The Inventory


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‘Exceptional stories, superbly illustrated’ Parents in Touch reviews The Wondrous Dinosaurium

Parents in Touch have posted a great review for our picture book publishing on 28th May The Wondrous Dinosaurium by John Condon with illustrations by Steve Brown:

Maverick Arts never fail us in providing exceptional stories, superbly illustrated. This debut picture book is another excellent addition to their range. Danny wants a pet… but no ordinary pet. He wants a dinosaur. Trouble is, dinosaurs don’t exactly make the perfect pet as he learns through a series of hilarious trials, all vibrantly illustrated by Steve Brown to capture the hunour and unexpectedness. Does Danny get his dinosaur in the end?’

Thank you, Sarah!

Read the review and pre-order a copy here


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‘A future classic’ Space on the Bookshelf is charmed by AdoraBULL!

Sally at Space on the Bookshelf wrote an absolutely fabulous review for AdoraBULL by Alison Donald with illustrations by Alex Willmore:
AdoraBULL is funny, charming and crammed full of lovely messages about loneliness, friendship and faith. It is also beautifully illustrated by Alex Willmore’s earthy soft images which really work exquisitely with Alison Donald’s text. 
But what really makes AdoraBULL stand out is that it has had the courage to do something that is truly rare in picture books, by including modern technology. Most picture books are free of new-fangled tech, staying firmly in a nostalgic pre-internet world. But with AdoraBULL, we see Alfred actually using a smartphone, and the internet. But far from detracting from the story, this little snippet of the 21st century sets up the jokes and laughter, as well as mirroring the readers own world, (when was the last time you looked up a word in a dictionary?) 

AdoraBULL, is a funny, relevant and charming books, a future classic.’

Thanks, Sally!
Read the full review here and buy a copy here
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‘Impossible not to love her’ Book Murmuration has a happy addiction to Not My Hats!

Louise at Book Murmuration posted a delightful review of new picture book Not My Hats! by Tracy Gunaratnam and illustrated by Alea Marley:

‘Issues of sharing will be familiar to parents of small children. The lovely thing about Not My Hats! is although it has a clear message, it never comes across as preachy. The story is made funnier by Hettie’s facial expressions, from her anger at the thought of sharing to her sudden interest in Puffin’s scarves. Everything about her is exaggerated. It is impossible not to love her, even when she is being a diva. 

The rhyme-scheme is fantastic. Children will soon join in as the words and the rhythm become familiar. I can see this being popular with infants school teachers. It would be a great resource for teaching phonics, particularly because it is not written for this purpose so does not feel in any way forced. 

I love how the muted pastel backgrounds are changed for primary colours when Hettie feels a particularly strong emotion. 

The illustrations are clear and simple, with a focus on the main characters and Hettie’s hats. There is minimal distraction from the main story. The pictures are bright and full of character, and I love the recurring fish motif. 

A delightful story, perfect for fans of Oh No George! and Oi! Frog! Be warned – this is one has an addictive rhythm, and you might be asked to read it three times in a row. ‘

Thanks, Louise!

Read the full review here and buy a copy here

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