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‘A brilliant twist, and one that had my seven year old in stitches!’ The Ish Mother cheers ‘Book-Ahoy’ for Lou Treleaven’s The Pirate Who Lost His Name

Bec at The Ish Mother has written a treasure of a review for Lou Treleaven‘s book The Pirate Who Lost His Name with illustrations by Genie Espinosa:

Pirate stories are always a winner with young children, and the eponymous but anonymous pirate in this book is a really likable character – his embarrassment at forgetting his own name is endearing, and you can tell that he is a very friendly pirate too as he goes to visit his friends on his quest. I won’t give the ending away but it’s a brilliant twist, and one that had my seven year old in stitches!

The writing is very witty, with lots of funny pirate names to get the little ones giggling, and the illustrations are a great match – colourful, over the top and full of quirky details to spot. Each pirate is drawn with great care to match their name and to make you laugh. My daughter particularly liked that there were female pirates too! I think the parrot was my three year old’s favourite character though, and a very expressive parrot it is! He loved finding him in the different illustrations.

If you have a pirate-lover in your family, or just a lover of witty words and funny pictures, then this book would be a big hit!

Thank you Bec!

Read the full review here and buy a copy here!

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‘A must for every bookshelf’ My Book Corner reviews I, Pod! by Rebecca Lisle

Sarah at My Book Corner has written a rocking book review for Rebecca Lisle‘s book I, Pod! with illustrations by Richard Watson.

‘I, Pod is a brilliant story of teamwork and the courage to succeed. Rebecca Lisle once again takes us on a journey to the stone age with her brilliant characters and storylines. Teamed with illustrator, Richard Watson, they have created a fantastic picture book that brings the animals to life and captures the mischievous Nim doing her best to get Pod into trouble. A must for every bookshelf, would make a brilliant book for siblings to read together.’

Thank you!
Read the full review here and buy a copy here! 

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‘I recommend that you read it for yourselves to see if it gets your foot tapping.’ A MOOsical review from The Letterpress Project

Karen from The Letterpress Project has recently had her feet tapping away reading The MOOsic Makers by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Barbara Bakos:

‘This is another triumph for Maverick Books, a publisher who pride themselves on producing well-paced picture books with an emphasis on memorable text and plentiful vibrant illustrations. I really enjoyed this unusual   ‘can do’ story with its underlying messages of optimism, creativity and working together. The way in which making music is used as a solution to a difficult problem is also something that would start some interesting discussions with children, as well as giving food for thought to adults who may not see it as a priority. It might even lead to a reason to listen to lots of different Blue Grass and Disco music which surely can’t be bad.

I recommend that you read it for yourselves to see if it gets your foot tapping.’

A MOOhosive thank you!
Read the full review here and buy a copy here!

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‘An original take on a pirate story.’ Madge Eekal reviews The Pirate Who Lost His Name

Thank you Madge Eekal Reviews for giving such an ARRGHmazing review of The Pirate Who Lost His Name by Lou Treleaven with illustrations by Genie Espinosa:

‘An original take on a pirate story. This book’s wacky humour that will appeal to children of picture book age.

I’ve now read a few books from Maverick by Lou Treleaven and her wacky imagination almost always appeals. In this story she doesn’t disappoint introducing us to a group of pirates with some truly wonderful names.

The pictures are very bright and colourful with all the stereotypical requirements for a pirate picture book – a peg leg, eyepatch, parrot, spotted headdress, tricorn hat, hammock etc. All the characters are appealing and I chuckled at the images of the screaming fans that seem to follow Captain Dreamboat everywhere. My favourite has to be the illustrations of the wonderfully expressive green parrot who appears on every page wearing a pirate hat.’

Thank you! Read the full review here and buy a copy here!

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‘a great little story that will keep young MOOsic lovers a-MOO-sed at bedtime’ an UDDERly FARMtastic review by What’s Good To Read

What’s Good To Read recently enjoyed reading Heather Pindar‘s new picture book The MOOsic Makers with illustrations by Barbara Barkos:

‘Heather Pindar has written a delightful story about musical animals and where the cows have to change their tune more than once to achieve their goal. It has a great use of word play and silly cow puns that keeps the reader (adult and children) entertained.

The story has many layers with underlying tones of helpfulness, selfishness, teamwork and naivety.

It has a good lesson in morals that you can explore further with the kids, should you want to and does create lots of talking points.

The MOOsic Makers is a great little story that will keep young MOOsic lovers a-MOO-sed at bedtime (sorry I couldn’t help but continue with cow puns).’

Thank you! Read the full pun-induced review here and buy a copy here!

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‘Jon can’t wait to live on Pluto!’ and neither can My Book Corner, a super review of Teachers on Pluto

My Book Corner recently enjoyed travelling along with Jon to the planet Pluto! Thank you Sarah for the review of Teachers On Pluto by Lou Treleaven!

‘Told in letter format between all the characters, Lou Treleaven’s unique text and illustrations make this wonderful tale of friendship amid the solar system, one postcard and letter at a time. Great fun!’

Read the whole review here and buy a copy here 

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‘A must-needed addition to any library, school or home’ My Book Corner’s out of this world review of The Spacesuit by Alison Donald

Thank you My Book Corner for the out of this world review of The Spacesuit by Alison Donald with beautifully crafted illustrations by Ariel Landy!

‘The moon walk anniversary is upon us and this picture book is a fantastic factual resource for all the family to learn more about the lead up to the ground-breaking journey by Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong. With wonderful timelines and text by Alison Donald and informative pages highlighted in a clear and fun way by illustrator Ariel Landy, The Spacesuit is a must-needed addition to any library, school or home.’

Read the full review here or buy a copy here

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Five Star review from What’s Good To Do that will make you want to read the book ‘again and again!’

Thanks to What’s Good To Do for writing a fantastic review of The Spacesuit by Alison Donald and Ariel Landy!

‘It rightly places them and the importance of their contribution right up there with the rest of the team, and does so in a way that I think empowers girls and women. The story is told in a humorous but very informative way, and one that both of the kids found very engaging. We all loved how on nearly every page, there was a little FACT box, containing lots of really interesting bits of trivia.

We thought the illustrations, by Ariel Landy, in the book were gorgeous and the really added to the story – they are as much a part of the story as the words, and I thought they helped the kids to appreciate just how much work and design go into creating things like this.

My eldest particularly likes snippets of information, so loved reading these and all of the facts throughout the book, and has been reciting them to be for the past few days!

This is a brilliant book, and one the bridges the gap between fiction and non-fiction really well. We all loved it and I have no doubt that it will be read again and again.’

Read Louise’s fantastic full review here or buy a copy of the book here

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Madge Eekal Reviews gobbles up cute new picture book Don’t Eat Pete!

Zoe at Madge Eekal Reviews has just done a wonderful review on Don’t Eat Pete! by Sue Walker and Carlo Beranek

A fantastical story about a troll with a very big appetite and a very frustrated pug. This is worth reading purely to find out how Pete the pug gets his revenge.

The cartoon-like pictures are bright and appealing. Uncle Boll reminds me of a blue version of Shrek but it’s the picture of Pete, that really stand out. I’m not much of a dog lover yet the illustrations of Pete are utterly adorable.

The story itself is sufficiently simple for even the youngest reader to follow with plenty of repetition. I felt increasingly sorry for pug, Pete, whose little belly rumbles as he’s forced to watch the huge troll eat more than would be possible for any human. Perhaps that’s why I loved the twist at the end so very much. (Sorry, I can’t say too much without spoilers but let’s just say that Pete gets his revenge in a very clever way).

 (I am, however, considerably older than the target audience and many children will love the rhyme, especially as this often makes it easier for them to learn the text.)

Read the whole review here or buy a copy of the book here 

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‘A really inspiring story’ The Ish Mother’s super review for The Spacesuit!

The Ish Mother Bec posted a wonderful review for The Spacesuit by Alison Donald with illustrations by Ariel Landy over the weekend:

‘I love that the story starts with Ellie as a little girl learning to sew, making it relatable for children who have dreams and passions of their own. I also really like that there are facts dotted through the story and also at the beginning and end of the book, grounding the story in reality. It’s an aspect of the space race that I had never even considered before and learning about the work that went into designing the spacesuits was really interesting. 

I also really like the illustrations, which capture the sixties style brilliantly and – forgive the pun – weave together aspects of tailoring and engineering beautifully. I love the facial expressions on the characters too – Ellie’s expression exudes warmth and really draws you to her, and I loved the slightly cross-eyed astronaut after testing out a rival suit!!

I’d really recommend this book for older preschoolers and younger school-age children who have an interest in space, a creative streak or even just a particular passion that they dream of pursuing as they grow up. It’s a really inspiring story of how small dreams can grow in unexpected ways, and how you can be part of something much bigger than yourself with hard work and determination.’

Thanks, Bec – another thoughtful review!

Read the whole review here and buy a copy here 

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