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‘I love a book that provokes a belly laugh!’ Toddle About giggles through two new picture books!

Toddle About recently posted some fab reviews for a couple of new picture books:

Bears Don’t Eat Egg Sandwiches by Julie Fulton and illustrated by Rachel Suzanne:

‘My daughter (4) really enjoyed this book. I asked her what she thought the bear might like to eat and she replied ‘honey’. She was very surprised to find out what the bear wanted to eat. I love a book that provokes a belly laugh!’

Beware the Mighty Bitey by Heather Pindar and illustrated by Susan Batori

‘My daughter (4) thought this book was great. With clear and colourful illustrations, there was plenty to look at as we followed the story to the surprising end.’

Read the reviews here

Buy a copy of Bears here and a copy of Mighty Bitey here


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‘Awesome’ Nayu’s Reading Corner rave review for Beware the Mighty Bitey!

Nayu’s Reading Corner recently gave a wonderful review for Beware the Mighty Bitey (part of the 2018 Summer Reading Challenge) by Heather Pindar with illustrations by Susan Batori:
‘I accepted this book for review without seeing the cover – the synopsis on it’s own had me smiling away and intrigued! I find piranhas cute just as I do crocodiles, they tend to be used in picture books with humour so my imagination was running wild. The story is awesome! 
The piranhas are as hilarious as I’d hoped, their expressions and thoughts as they tempt animals to go on their falling apart bridge was clear to see and funny, with lots of great words and different fonts used to bring the story even more to life than it already is. Their hungry nature is depicted perfectly, with a surprise end that I didn’t see coming, which is always a pleasant surprise in picture books. I’m not sure how much the Mighty Bities would want their tale publicised, but I certainly want everyone to read it!’ 
Beware the Mighty Bitey Cover LR RGB JPEG
Read the full review here
Buy a copy here
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‘Instantly engaging’ Teachwire reviews Homework on Pluto!

Teachwire recently posted an excellent review for Homework on Pluto by Lou Treleaven, the sequel to the popular Letter to Pluto. Homework on Pluto is publishing in April:

‘The format is instantly engaging, with appealing handwritten-style fonts and sketches, and the perfect launchpad for classroom work on the audience and purpose of different genres of writing.

It would also be a great introduction to a pen pal initiative. The plot focuses on familiar school novel tropes of friendship, schoolwork and annoying teachers, alongside more than a dash of zany space antics to keep things moving.

Author Lou Treleaven has a talent for coining new words that kids will find inherently funny.’

Homework on Pluto Cover LR RGB JPEG

Read the full review here

Pre-order a copy here


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‘A truly original picture book’ Books for Topics recommends Bonkers About Beetroot for reception and KS1 class use!

Books for Topics recently posted a wonderful review for Bonkers About Beetroot by Cath Jones with illustrations by Chris Jevons:

‘This is a truly original picture book that, like its name, is just a bit bonkers! It tells the story of an innovative zebra who is looking for a way to bring in visitors to Sunset Safari Park to save it from being closed down. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Zebra decides to grow the world’s most enormous beetroot which, with a nod to the story of the Enormous Turnip, becomes so big that the only thing to do is to eat it. However, eating the beetroot has unintentional and colourful consequences for Zebra in a humorous twist. This is a really funny story that is suitable for reception and KS1 and would fit well with topics about plants and animals.’

Thank you!

Bonkers About Beetroot Cover RGB HR JPEG

Read the review here

Buy a copy of this fantastic book here

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‘Delightful picture book…Paves the way for open discussions’ The School Librarian reviews The Snugglewump!

We’ve just received a wonderful review for The Snugglewump by Lou Treleaven with illustrations by Kate Chappell  which appeared in The Winter 2017 issue of The School Librarian:

The Snugglewump is a delightful picture book about a lost and somewhat overlooked comfort blanket.  Chappell’s messy illustrations use crayon and bright paint, which gives the book a childlike feel that many young readers will warm easily to. Early on, the Snugglewump has his own asides alongside the main dialogue to demonstrate his sadness and negative self-image.  By personifying the rag, Treleaven paves the way for open discussions with children about their feelings and relationships, as well as of how to love and treat people (and toys!) well.’


Buy a copy here

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The Letterpress Project interviews Homework on Pluto author Lou Trevelean!

The Letterpress Project has recently posted a lovely interview with our wonderful junior fiction and picture book author Lou Treleaven. We are publishing her latest junior fiction title Homework on Pluto, sequel to the very popular Letter to Pluto on the 28th of April and you can check out some early reviews of the book here.

Read the interview and find out about Lou’s favourite books, her inspiration for writing and her views on what makes a successful children’s book here

Pre-order Homework on Pluto here and order Letter to Pluto here

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A stunning list of fellow authors share their excitement about the new Dino Wars series!

We’re absolutely thrilled with the amazing response we’ve had from fellow children’s authors to advance copies of Rise of the Raptors by Dan Metcalf and illustrated by Aaron Blecha, the first in a four book series Dino Wars, publishing on the 28th April:

What is there not to love about talking dinosaurs? It’s exactly the sort of adventure I had always wished I could go on as a kid! Dino Wars is not only pre-hysterical, it’s a thrilling romp through the future!
Andy Briggs, author of Hero.comTarzan series and The Inventory

An action-packed treat for young dinosaur fans!  So dinotastic it will shake you off your seat and make your teeth chatter!
Chris d’Lacey, author of The Last Dragon Chronicles

An imaginative and fast-paced adventure with dinosaurs and lasers, what’s not to love?!
Giles Paley-Phillips, children’s author 

This is a fun and imaginative adventure set in an exciting new genre… dino-punk!
Huw Powell, author of the Spacejackers series

I thoroughly enjoyed the first adventure of Dino Wars, it feels like I’ve embarked on an epic adventure! The story is fast paced and exciting, and the characters are brilliant fun (well, not Lord General Stryker, of course…) I want to be in the gang with Adam, Chloe and Dag! I like the dino facts that are scattered throughout and I love the scale of the world that Dan has created. I can’t wait to hear how their crystal mission continues. Fantastic illustrations from Aaron Blecha who’s done a great job in characterising all the different dinos – I particularly love the first meeting of the lycorhinuses. More, please!
Clare Elsom, author and illustrator, Horace & Harriet

Dan Metcalf has created a believable futuristic world where humans and dinosaurs co-exist. This promises to be a must-read series. Reluctant readers especially will be hooked.
Saviour Pirotta, author of Firebird

What’s not to love about a future filled with talking dinosaurs, dino-cities and a quest to save the world? A fast-paced, strikingly scaly tale with acres of action and adventure.
Guy Bass, author of the Stitch Head and Spynosaur books

Dinos, Dilotron crystals and computer chaos  – a raptor rollercoaster for all young action fans!
Claire Barker, author of the Knitbone Pepper series

The first in a new series of an exciting new sci-fi adventure featuring kids and their super-advanced dinosaur friends solving a mystery and saving the Earth. If your kids love Astrosaurs, they are going to love this too. Brilliant work from Aaron Blecha with dynamic illustrations that capture the story and bring the reader right into the action. Quite literally, a blast!
Dawn Finch, Children’s writer, reviewer and librarian


With engaging and fun characters, a journey narrative and a landscape which is well described so you feel like you are really there, this is an action adventure which will appeal to many children.
Melissa Jordan, Reading Pebbles blog



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Great World Book Day news for young fans of Comedy Horror!

We are very exited to announce a very special book on a very special day!

In September we will be publishing the first title in our Comedy Horror for Kids series by Colin Mulhern…

Buttercup Sunshine and the Zombies of Dooooom 

Granny pulled out a large ball of grey wool. ‘Perfect.’ And with a loud double-click, she loaded her knitting needles.

‘Let’s go knit some butt!’

Pitched at 7 to 9 year olds, this series is Goldilocks meets Night of the Living Dead. Its full-on, fast-paced silliness will have kids laughing out loud and looking for more!


Briar’s Cove is the nicest, safest, sweetest place there ever was, where nothing bad ever happens… Until a fallen star causes the dead to rise from their graves. Together with her beloved Granny, and armed only with a vacuum cleaner and a bag of wool, Buttercup Sunshine must make a stand against the approaching army of the undead.


160pp, £6.99

Look out for sneaky peeks, reviews and more in the coming months!




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DINO-TASTIC first review from The Letterpress Project for Dino Wars: Rise of the Raptors!

Terry at The Letterpress Project just posted a wonderful pre-publication review of Dan Metcalf‘s new book coming out on the 28th of April Rise of the Raptors, the first in a four book series Dino Wars:

‘Let me just say that the excitement and the fun levels are satisfyingly high!

At the end of the book you also get a teasing little taster of the next instalment in the quest to make sure you keep reading – always a clever little ploy I think.

American born, UK-based Aaron Blecha has done the comic-book style illustrations that feature throughout the book and which will keep the younger reader amused. I especially like the occasional full page illustration like the one of Stryker’s monument that the team stumble on when they first smuggle their way into Raptor City.

I’m pretty sure that younger readers who discover this first book will want to stick with the four instalments and they’re going to look forward to each new publication with some eagerness I suspect.’

Thanks, Terry – We are really looking forward to publication day!

Dino Wars Rise of the Raptors Cover LR RGB JPEG

Read the full review here

Pre-order a copy here

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‘An original adventure of dino-tastic proportions!’ Huw Powell checks out Dino Wars ahead of publication!

Huw Powell, author of the Spacejackers series, kindly agreed to check out an advance copy of the first book launching the new Dino Wars series by Dan MetcalfRise of the Raptors. We were thrilled by his enthusiasm and particularly liked the comment: ‘This is a fun and imaginative adventure set in an exciting new genre … dino-punk!’ 

WOW! Thanks, Huw!

Look out for Rise of the Raptors coming to bookshops and libraries on the 28th April!

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