Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd was launched in 2009 by Steve Bicknell and has been gaining momentum over the last few years.

Now, with over 130 titles across the formats of board books, picture books, early readers, graphic reluctant readers, junior fiction and activity books and another 41 books due to be published in 2018, Maverick is growing day by day.  They believe that, with everyone leading such busy lifestyles, it is important for children to spend the time with adults sharing and engaging over a picture book.

Maverick also has a strong ethos of championing new authors and emerging illustrators, with a big emphasis on supporting them once their book is published.  If you would like to submit your own stories to Maverick, then please visit our submissions page.


The Maverick Team

    Steve Bicknell

    Managing Director / Mr Maverick

    Steve is the driving force behind Maverick, with a huge enthusiasm for everything he does.  He delves into all aspects of the business but particularly handles the marketing and sales side.

    Steve came into children’s publishing through the indirect route of first being a photographer, then a calendar publisher and then when he realised he had a passion for brands and characters he ventured into children’s books.  Certainly not a route for the faint hearted!

    • Location: In the world of Hedgehugs

      Kimara Nye

      Editor / Designer / Jack of All Trades (except anything that involves maths) / Reluctant Office IT Specialist

      Kim started at Maverick in 2009 after finishing a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. She soon realised that it wasn’t only the editorial side of the business she loved, but also the design side.  Kim is now, among other things, in charge of commissioning illustrators and works with them to create beautiful picture books.  She has become pretty nifty on photoshop and enjoys the challenge of working with typography.

      • Location: At her desk with a cup of tea!

        Karen Bicknell

        Finance Director / Receipt Recycler

        Karen works part time for Maverick, juggling her busy social life with working on a farm as a teacher and at Maverick.  When she is not knee deep in mud or getting soaked to the skin, she is busy trying to sift through all the receipts and chasing up the invoices.

        • Location: At work or shopping!

          Aimee Hayes

          Assistant Editor / Resident Doodler / Junior Fiction Whizz

          Aimee joined the Maverick team in 2017 after doing some work experience in the summer and autumn the year before. She is a graduate of English and book mad with a love of art too. Aimee now spearheads the growing collection of Junior Fiction and Middle Grade, and loves all the maverick characters and scenarios she gets to see when working on each book.

          • Location: Under a pile of books

            Val Hall

            Sales and Marketing / Social Media Guru

            Val has worked in academic publishing for the past 20 years in various capacities and since June 2016 has been helping out part time with the sales and marketing at Maverick. She enjoys the buzz of children’s trade publishing and when not chatting to bookshop buyers or composing whimsical tweets she can be found flying around a tennis court or unblocking her chakras on a yoga mat.

            • Location: Chatting on the telephone to bookshops or on the tennis court

              India Holden

              Publishing Assistant / Photoshop Addict/ Dot to Dot Maker

              India is the newest member at Maverick and a lover of all things colourful. She is a graduate of Animation, with a passion for story telling and art. India mainly works on the Early Readers but also likes to dabble in the Photoshop bits. India is now the main reader of the submissions.


              • Location: Somewhere with cats and chocolate!

                Mocha, Full-time Maverick Mutt

                Maverick Mutt / Professional Cuddler

                Mocha is Kim’s dog and has been the resident cuddler at Maverick since early 2017.  She is in the office the majority of the time and often likes to snuggle for a nap (with a good book).

                • Location: Somewhere cosy

                  Twix and Poppy, Part-time Maverick Mutts

                  Maverick Mutts / Office Hoovers / Postman Alerters

                  Poppy is Steve’s rescue dog, originally from Ireland.  She is in the office most days and makes sure she is the centre of attention at all times.  Twix is Kim’s family dog and pops in every now and then to double up as the office rug.  Both of them love to play and as you can see from the picture, they also like to share a good book.

                  • Location: Wherever the food is


                  You can find out about the Maverick authors, here.