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Once upon a time there was a magician who searched the land for children’s popular books. He travelled far and wide, seeking children’s popular books with the liveliest stories, the funniest jokes and the most colourful pictures. He searched the rivers and forests and even the high seas. He found the best children’s popular books and brought them here, to Maverick Books. Then he added a little bit of magic and brought the characters to life. So now you can talk to the characters from children’s popular books right here on the Maverick Blog. Your quest for fun has just begun.

Mrs MacCready CoverThe Fearsome Beastie Cover

The Great Grizzly North Cover

Lost in London Coverthe-dog-detective-cover

Please Bear's Birthday Cover

Nice Bear, Naughty Bear

four little pigs cover

Get Ahead Fred

Sonny the Sea Tractor


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